Hot and Cold

“I’m gonna smack the first person who says it’s too hot when August rolls around,” said one of my regulars during the first week of March, when we shivered again in the seemingly never-ending below-normal temps.

“Damn, it’s too hot for June,” he said two days ago.

So it is that we feel cheated again by the fair-weather gods in this quiet corner of paradise:

2010 Winter: 40s and more 40s.

2010 Barely Summer: 85 degrees and a heat index by 8 a.m.

2010 Winter: Felling cheated out of the perfect weather we usually enjoy.

2010 Barely Summer: Knowing we are still being cheated out of the perfect weather we never got to enjoy.

2010 Winter: Cranking up AC to 87 in hopes that blowing tepid air takes the edge off icy temps in house.

2010 Barley Summer: Feeling guilty about turning down AC to 75 at night, when utilities are included in rent.

2010 Winter: Rouletta won’t lie down on the cold tile floor.

2010 Barely Summer: Rouletta won’t move from the cold tile floor after a 5-second walk outside.

2010 Winter: Ordering a space heater online because the entire Keys is sold out of the things for weeks.

2010 Barely Summer: Buying battery- and crank-operated TV, radio, lanterns, etc., while still on the shelves, because if it’s this hot this early in the summer, what will the storm season bring?

2010 Winter: Tourists cancel vacations in droves because of snow storms up north and “winter” down south.

2010 Barely Summer: Tourists talk of canceling vacations because of oil-spill worries, visit the Keys anyway, then complain about the excessive heat.

2010 Winter: Layers and more layers that are never enough.

2010 Barely Summer: You want me to wear THAT and THAT and then work outside in the sun for seven hours?

2010 Winter: Locals lose their suntans because it’s too cold to go to a pool on a day off.

2010 Barely Summer: Locals lose their suntans because it’s too hot to go to a pool on a day off.

2010 Winter:

rou blanket.jpg

2010 Barely Summer:

rou water.jpg






9 responses to “Hot and Cold”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Even your cold temperatures don’t sound that cold to me…

  2. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Kim–We, along with the visitors, get cranky when we get chilly 40s instead of mild 80s, and when we get 90s, plus a billion percent humidity, two months too soon. But the views are always great!

  3. last one home Avatar

    don’t buy anything for storm season but gasoline–for your car–you need to be at least a hundred miles away from any storm that approaches those tiny little islands

  4. Mary Avatar

    Gotta love Rouletta for tolerating her costumes 🙂

  5. SwillMistressWA Avatar

    I know how you feel…I live near Portland, Oregon and we had our spring in February and our winter in May. We may see summer by August.

  6. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    last one home–no worries,I don’t plan to hang around for anything above a one, if that. But, may need those items in a tropical storm or when I drive back 100 miles to lack of power for a week or more. Having said that, you’re right, I’m outta here!

    Mary–Rouletta is bizarre in that she likes having “stuff” to wear. The blanket and hat/sweater photo shows how I found her in the kitchen one day. Obviously, I had put on the sweater,but she got that blanket out of her crate all on her own and huddled under it.

    SwillMistress–Don’t you hate getting cheated out of your coveted few months (or weeks) of great weather? Hope yours improves.

  7. Cee Cee Avatar
    Cee Cee

    2010 Barely summer (Phoenix): 105 degrees…

  8. joeinvegas Avatar

    But just wait until August.
    We had 110 last week, down to a cold 87 today.

  9. SwillMistressWA Avatar

    RG, usually we have semi-decent weather from May through the end of June, and then it’s in the 80-90 degree range until September. However, I am moving to California at the end of next month (to live with my own great guy), and I am now expecting it to be hotter than that down there (East Bay, almost to the Central Valley). I think the weather has been weird everywhere this year.