A few morsels about the gal:

Name: RG

Age: Approaching some non-defined emotional age since I left D.C. almost four years ago and started over as a single gal–despite several decades of marriage–at the emotional age of 19. On the other hand, my Wii “fitness age” is 34. I’ll take that.

Locale: South Florida, including a two-year stint in the Keys.

Jobs: Tending bars, serving

Oldest friend who is my sister-like best friend: Susan in Montana.

Favorite TV show: The Weather Channel: to track thunderstorms in the Keys and blizzards in my D.C. hometown.

Workout: Running, and running some more. I need non-beer/smoke-laden air in my lungs and sun on my face (no sunscreen comments, please).

Diet: I eat when I’m hungry. I am hungry all the time, but work gets in the way of three squares. I also have Celiac disorder, which means I can’t eat gluten products: wheat, oats, barley, rye, soy. Thus, I eat buckets of fries (potatoes all good) and tons of cheese and rice crackers. I need to get more fruit and veggies in me, though.

Computer: Apple, since the IIe was considered cutting-edge technology

Cell phone: iPhone

Most Annoying Thing You Can Say to Me: “You’re too thin! Why don’t you eat something!” I eat, trust me. I eat like a truck driver. I just can’t eat a lot of crap because most of it is laden with stuff my body thinks is poison (some jelly beans, for example, have wheat in them; most dressings and candy products have soy in them). Put a 16-oz steak, a loaded baked potato and a side of spinach in front of me, and I’ll demand seconds.

What I Miss Most About D.C.: Dutch-style fries with mayo in Adams Morgan, walking through the National Zoo and past the White House on a daily basis.

What I Don’t Miss About D.C.: Winter, especially the winter of 2010

Who I Miss, Always: My kids, who, God love them, have hung in with me through it all.

What this Gal Dreams About: Touching as many people as possible with my writing–maybe it’ll be a book, maybe it’ll be in a published column. I have been reluctant to market myself because I just want to write my stories, but I know I should if I want that dream to come true.