Bye Bye Love

A reporter recently contacted me and asked for my “unique perspective” about why the area in which I live–The Keys–has the second highest divorce rate in the United States. In the end, she didn’t use any of my quotes, preferring instead to cite actual professionals literate in matters of marriage and divorce. Go figure.

But what the heck, I’ll share with my readers my non-professional take on why the divorce rate is a tad high in these parts:


We live in everyone else’s playground, making it hard to stay grounded in reality.


So many tourists visit with the sole intent to play hard in our playground. Temptation abounds.


Seasonal nature of income puts stress on a relationship, for sure. Feast or famine type of thing.




I think I’ll open a chain of wedding chapels here.






11 responses to “Bye Bye Love”

  1. CL Jahn Avatar

    Will your wedding chapels have an attached bar for the wedding reception? 🙂

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Or a liquor store.

    Or even better, what about a divorce chapel (with bar, of course)?

  3. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    I was going to make a snarky comment, but I live in a big tourist area also. Just imagine how high the divorce rate would be if “traditional marriage killer” gay marriages were allowed in Florida. And while looking into the stats, I saw that Baptists have the highest divorce rate.

  4. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    CL Jahn–My chapels will offer an open-bar reception package. Naturally, I will have a package store attached to the chapel as well.

    Kim–Already thinking your thoughts!

    Ex RM–How the heck are you? Wondered if you were still out there reading RG.

  5. Andy London UK Avatar
    Andy London UK

    Hey RG. What’s your Elvis impression like? You could open one of those drive through Elvis marriage chapels. It must have been frustrating to speak to the reporter then not get quoted.

    ExRM, Gay marriage ‘kills’ traditional marriage?????? How do work that out? Marriage is marriage no matter who gets married. Denying gay people the right to get married is denying them their rights. I thought America was built on all people being equal? Maybe you weren’t happy when segregation was abolished and you think some people should be more equal than others.

  6. namaste Avatar

    so…wait…does liquor have anything to do with it??


  7. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    Hey Andy, that’s American sarcasm. I am gay. I was just regurgitating what our Conservative right wing opposition espouses to reject equal rights for my minority. But, thanks for the support! I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for my ancestral grounds.

  8. Andy London UK Avatar
    Andy London UK

    Oops. Sorry for reading your comments incorrecdtly ExRM. It’s always said that Americans don’t do sarcasm. Maybe your comment proved that or maybe the Brit version of sarcasm isn’t as sophisticated.


  9. Deanna Avatar

    I wish you’d write more specifically about the effect alcohol has on folks lives there.

  10. joeinvegas Avatar

    Sounds like Vegas, except we also have gambling.

  11. jay Avatar

    But do you think liquor has any effect? ; )