South Floridians–The Weather is PERFECT

South Florida readers, don’t hate me for this, but I have to enlighten you on one thing, and it is not about clothing styles, because I am kind of loving the freedom to wear whatever I please down here. No, I want to counsel you, instead, on this whole “I would love to live where there is a change of seasons” obsession. Please, you’re killing me.

Let us consider what you wish for, based on what everyone–those I work with, hand my dry cleaning to, live next door to, order coffee from, serve at at lunch, and watch on the local TV news–talks about ad nauseam (on Channel 10, Wednesday morning, the anchor gushed over a shot of fall color that was simply background to another story):

–Wanting a change in temperature, “So I can wear my sweaters.” Frankly, I have seen people wearing wool suits and boots and yes, the coveted sweater, since Sept. 5, when, I believe, it was 95 degrees. I know the AC is set to tundra in most places, but it’s still hot outside! Aw heck, wear the sweaters. You almost need one, inside–it’s cold in my restaurant!

–Yearning for a change in seasons, “So I can see the leaves change color and fall.” Leaves are fun to see from a distance, say, on a beautiful rolling hill. Maybe even on a tree lined street. Mostly, however, northerners see these leaves on their lawn, sodden with rain, which makes them impossible to rake up and bag, and the leaf collection is posted on the utility pole for tomorrow.

–Craving a raging snowstorm, “So I can curl up next to a cozy fire in the fireplace.” Dirty little secret about fireplaces up north, at least in D.C. We rarely use them, and when we do, it’s because we retrofitted them with gas logs and an on-off switch. We THINK we will use them all the time, but that means having to buy firewood from questionable characters who drive around in beat-up pick-ups and pound on your door to see if you’ll buy theirs and you are too scared not to, having to scoop up ashes if you are talented enough to get even a tiny fire going well enough not to burn out in 5 minutes, and then having to trudge outside again and again to get more firewood–when it’s so cold and wet from the raging snowstorm!

–Craving a raging snowstorm, “So I can at least see snow!” Right. It’s fun, for an hour. Then it means shoveling, and more shoveling, and then ice pack forming as melting snow refreezes into mounds of immovable glaciers that block street parking for weeks on end.

–Wishing for a discernible change in temperature, “Just because, I’ve never experienced that.” Really? Here’s what I have experienced, right here in South Florida in the past two weeks–a very obvious drop in temperature by about 10 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night, and a cause-for-a-good-hair-day-dance drop in humidity of which I am still in awe. No one told me this would be the case. I figured it was 90 degrees and 90 percent forever. And I was okay with that because D.C. was built on a swamp, and brutal H&H goes with the summer territory.

But this, my new South Florida friends, this is sultry air gone good. This is a balance of hot and warm that is comfortable enough for jeans and even that sweater (a cotton one!). This is the weather I always knew I wanted to be MY change of seasons, my winter reality. This is the stuff that weather dreams are made of, and they tell me this is a dream come true for the next five months or so.

Okay, we had a few pesky water spouts today, but you still couldn’t pay me enough to pack it up and u-turn it north, at least during a rainy and chilly November, a frigid December, a bone-chilling cold January, an icy February, and a long-as-hell, still-cold March. Nope, this is all the change I need, and it is, indeed, perfect.





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  1. Kris Avatar

    Oh yes! I grew up in NM, the got hauled to Wisconsin so my DH could return to his roots. I used to long for that “change in seasons”, and now I’d give a lot to be in Albuquerque.

    The grass is not always greener. lol

  2. Lisa Avatar

    As someone who lives in Northern Ontario and experiences winter from Oct through April – I long for sunshine and warm days!
    There’s nothing like making a halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit, or getting stuck in the driveway because the snowplow came by and made a huge pile at the end of your driveway and you *thought* you could make (even if you didn’t the last 3 times) or having to run out to your car 5 minutes before you leave to start it, in the hopes that it will warm up enough you won’t have to stand outside in -40F weather scraping your windows, or bundling up to do your Christmas shopping in multitudes of layers so when you get in the mall where the heat is cranked you can take off your jacket, sweater, mitts, hats, scarf.
    Yup, if they want the winter experience, they’re welcome to switch places with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    I love how the first two comments on this post of from my neighbors to the north. Thanks, Kris and Lisa.

    Reserve my guest room now, because the calendar is filling fast. January is almost entirely booked!

  4. Julie Avatar

    I have to admit that I don’t mind the snow so much. It’s still a treat to be snuggled in on a wintry night.

    I grew up in Minnesota and have lots of memories of helping shovel the driveway and sidewalks, but it seemed more like some torture my mom had come up with than something that needed to be done. When I lived on my own, I rented and it was someone else’s job to clear the parking lot and sidewalks. Then, in California, a cold winter would be in the mid-50s and raining. In New York, we had a couple of small snowstorms and one blizzard. I think the snow from the blizzard lasted for a week. Again, it was someone else’s job to clear the sidewalk.

    This is my second winter in Chicago, and I know my husband and I will have to clear the sidewalks and driveway again. I remember having to get up early to start the car and clear the driveway last year, but for some reason, I still think of it as charming. I’ll probably change my mind as soon as we get that first snow that needs to be shoveled, and I know that I’ll be tired of it by mid-January.

    I think a mid-winter trip to California or Florida might be necessary.

  5. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    So Party at RG’s place in January? Or can we just ship all the yahoos down there to live at our places while we bask in the sun of South Fla? We will be sure to give them shoveling lessons and teach them how to build a fire before we do the house swap.

    Stop teasing with the weather, RG. It’s cold and rainy here in the old haunt today. And it blows. The wind that is. Don’t tempt us with your sultry sunny days or we will indeed show up on your doorstep looking for sanctuary, or at least some sunblock.

  6. Canadian Girl Avatar

    Like Lisa, I’m in Canada. We don’t have four seasons here, either. We have two: winter and construction. Unfortunately, winter lasts for 8 – 9 months. I’ve experienced -40F, people, and it truly sucks! These whingers who go on about how lovely snow is have an unrealistic picture about some winter fantasyland where the temperature is barely below freezing and there are big fluffy snowflakes drifting gently downward. That doesn’t exist outside a Hollywood stage set!

  7. Christine in LA Avatar
    Christine in LA

    Oh my gosh I am one of those people. One who yearns to see the leaves change and experience a real fall. But I have to say that today, when it is 80 degrees out with a lovely ocean breeze and the views from my office at LAX are so clear that I can see the Ocean, the Getty Center, the Hollywood sign AND downtown LA…well on days like this I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it. On days like this I am in awe of my beautiful city. Thank you for sharing your beautiful weather and making me realize just how good I have it as well:)

  8. Frances Avatar

    Amusingly enough, I moved from Miami to Chicagoland almost 10 years ago for some of those reasons. No regrets, but I’d like a few more vacation days for when you walk outside, see 6 inches of snow already on the driveway and there’s still more coming.

  9. Natalie Avatar

    Having recently made a temporary relocation from CA to a local with “real” seasons, I have to say that fall is indeed beautiful, but I don’t know if I’m ready for real winter. The good thing is that I live in a condo so I have no leaf raking or snow shoveling responsibilities.

    On days when my toes are freezing I visit my friends’ blogs and see pictures of them on a supposedly cold day wearing sweatshirts and shorts. Part of me longs for that sunny weather and part of me is enjoying the change of scenery. We’ve had a couple of days of snow and my kids absolutely loved it.

    We’re planning on heading down to CA for Christmas. By then we’ll be in the throws of winter and I know I’ll be glad for a chance to thaw out. =)

  10. Hilabeans Avatar

    Once upon a time, when I was growing up in Arizona, I wanted to see the leaves change and be able to play in the snow, too. Then I spent 4 years at college in Minnesota. I still love the fall, and I didn’t really mind the winter while I was there because I got used to dealing with it… but after a year or so back in Arizona, I realized I’d never move back now that I know what I’d be getting into.

    I still love the autumn, and I like to ski… but let me live somewhere warm that’s close enough to a ski resort to take a day or weekend trip up there and then come back to my normal winter weather in the 70’s. That would be perfect.

  11. Jane Avatar

    Moved to South Carolina from Connecticut this summer, and I am LOVING this weather. I kissed the snow shovel good-bye, and have no intention of ever shoveling my driveway of snow at 6am ever again!
    Looking forward to a nice, mild winter.

  12. joeinvegas Avatar

    Oh – oh – me too – moved from upstate New York to southern California, now to Vegas, and all I can say is ‘heck with snow’. We can see it up on the mountains, and drive to it if we want. (can’t do that part in Florida, sorry). Winter is 50f cooler than summer, but when we start at 110 that means we still hit the 60’s in February. I love it.

  13. Rose Royce Avatar
    Rose Royce

    The Sonoran desert in Arizona is the only place I ever want to be. It’s the “dry heat” where you wash your hair bend over and shake your head a little and it’s dry. There are seasons here, they’re just more subtle.

  14. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    I LOVE all the “I moved from here to there” weather stories. Keep ’em coming! And I just commented on my favorite South Florida blog Stuck on the Palmetto (on my blog roll) about the server who can’t wait to don her Ugg boots and tights because it is going to be cold tonight, down to maybe 60 degrees. I do love my new home, at least in the weather arena!

  15. Rick Avatar

    So I guess that means you’ll be spending the holidays in paradise?

    BTW, thanks for the plug!


  16. don Avatar

    Moved from DC over ten years ago to the bay area california….it was 72 degrees today and sunny…..sorry DC, but you have become the place I would visit, but I wouldnt live there. We have snow 2 hours north and beach 30 mins south….best of both worlds at my doorstep.

  17. Kevin Avatar

    It was southwestern Michigan, February, 1974. I was driving to work one dark winter morning in my totally cool ’65 Mustang, mesmerized by the beauty of the streetlights turning the newly fallen 8″ of snow into a blanket of sparkling diamonds covering street, curbs, sidewalks and lawns.

    A sudden sickening lurch, crunch and crash brought me rudely out of my Dr. Zhivago reverie.

    Yes, I had driven up over the curb, flattening two tires and hanging my low-slung car up on the curb. I couldn’t tell street from sidewalk from curb thanks to that beautiful blanket of sparkling snow.

    I moved to Houston that next October, and haven’t missed the snow for one second in 33 years.

    I do miss the colors of a Michigan fall … but my uncle still lives up there, takes a fall color tour every year, creates awesome pictures, and emails them to me. That’s close enough.

    The only thing I miss about Michigan spring was the giant lilac bush we had in our front yard growing up. I can still smell those flowers.

    And summer? Who could possibly miss a Michigan summer? It only lasts about 3 days, tops.

    Viva la heat and humidity!

  18. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I would more than happily live all year round in a warm climate, and if I ever felf the need for rain, snow or falling leaves, just have a weekend break up north. One weekend a year would do it.

    I love Scotland’s landscape, but I was never designed for it’s weather

  19. Augs Avatar

    Being a southerner myself, you would thing warm weather would agree with me. Extreme heat in the summer and anything under 60 degrees is cold to most southerners. Nope, I reckon I’ve been in the Midwest for far to long. I crave the 50 degree weather. Clean crsip air. You know days you light the fireplace and just watch sports all day? ok, that’s bit out there. Oh and incidently, the snow is really neat, but not for 3 months. Enjoy your weather, well, I reckon you are anyway.

  20. Guppy Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m from MN originally and still getting used to this new climate. The Scandinavian part of me feels a little guilty for wearing sandals in the middle of November and I still miss the fall, but I think that’s going to pass quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. maureen Avatar

    Yeah I have a change in temperature. on Long Island NY. It was 60 & rainy yesterday and 32 with the wind chill today , & I’m planning my winter cold for Thanks giving !!! I’m with you RG

  22. upset waitress Avatar

    I’m sorry, but this weather is ridiculous. It got to the 50’s. THE 50’s. Blowing 20-25. WHAT? I know, I’m whining. It’s just so cold everybody. The cold trails the migrating snowbirds. It’s true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. mikepete Avatar

    I hear this all the time about living in Vegas,”But, it’s like living in an oven!” Except it is not like living in an oven without a bain marie!!!
    7% humidity is a wonderful thing in July!!! And november come to think of it…
    77 today!!!

  24. suzanne Avatar

    I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a year or more, figuring one of these days I’d walk into your restaurant in DC. Now I read of your ‘exodus’ to southern Florida and I’m sooooooo jealous. I’ve wanted to move to Florida for years; but am unable to because of family obligations (elderly parents). I read your comparisons between FL and DC and I want to cry. For they are the very same comparisons/reason I want out of this god forsaken city!! I’m not sure if I want to continue to read your blog, or to only read the ones that don’t tell me what I’m missing!! I am truly sorry for your recent marital woes, but I think changing your seasons and geography is as good a move as you could’ve done. I wish you all the best.

  25. thomas Avatar

    Being living down in south florida in broward county I think warm weather is the weather they are use to being it was 95 degrees today.

  26. thomas Avatar

    I would have to say to my Neighbor Suzanne tha I like your answer alot I think it is a very good answer.

  27. Thomas Avatar

    I also have to say to my other neighbor Mikepete that I would have to agree to you that 77 degrees and less huminity does feel really good.