“And I’m Free, Free Fallin’…” –Tom Petty

When I look back at RG 2007, I am struck by two things: the volume of good writing and the telling writing itself. When one commenter spoke of the dark tone of my posts early in the year, and how she hoped it wasn’t foretelling, she knew what I didn’t at that point–that one of the greatest changes of my life was about to take place. And yes,my writing foretold it all.

My favorite posts are those written in the first six months. They include the following:

Best post, maybe: It’s Always Been Right There

The story I think about to this day: If You Only Had One Wish

Most poignant for so many reasons: Love Letter

Poignant and telling: And Suddenly She Was Gone

Still gives me goose bumps: Last Days

Simply, a personal favorite: Through the Roof

From July 2007 on, I wrote mostly about leaving everyone and everything I’d known as an adult and making the big solo move to SoFla. I shared many comparisons and thoughts about differences with D.C. I also explored the painful exercise of starting over as a single girl who felt little more wisdom and maturity than that of a teenager. In many respects, those posts were the toughest to re-read.

Enjoy the first half of the year’s posts highlighted above. Read on, if you can bear it, and know that while my writing then may not have been my best, it became my best friend and confidant. Without such an outlet, who knows where the free fall might have landed me.






5 responses to ““And I’m Free, Free Fallin’…” –Tom Petty”

  1. Connie Avatar

    Oh wow. Each one of these made me cry with a different emotion. The President story… so glad you reminded me of it. Amazing.

  2. Friend, S Avatar
    Friend, S

    It will not surprise you that I didn’t have to click on a single link. I remembered every one of these stories just from reading the titles, and the emotions I felt the first time I read each one came rushing back as I looked at the title and paused to reflect on the story and those emotions. Having said that, I did go back later and click through — for old times’ sake.

    I cried hard again today with you as I remembered Love Letter and pictured once again the view that I have never actually seen as I recalled Through the Roof.

    All these posts are among the most memorable you have written.

    That said, for 2007, I am still rather partial to a certain guest blogger post from when you were wending your way south. 🙂


  3. L. in CA Avatar
    L. in CA

    Happy Blog Anniversary RG…I love your stories!

  4. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Connie–Thank you. Yes, the” wish” story will never leave me.

    Friend, S–It is an odd exercise to reexamine one’s own writing with such hindsight. As I read through 2007’s posts, I re-lived much, felt the surge and range of emotions I felt 5 years ago, but also appreciated knowing what was to yet to unfold. Thank you, friend, as always, for reading through all the ups and downs and walking this path with me.

    L. in CA–Thanks!

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    Restaurant Gal…