Costume Contest

I have been called in to work the Halloween shift at my new job. “You have to wear a costume,” insisted one of my managers.

Okay, will do. But which one looks best with a three-pocket black apron and hideous non-skid shoes as accessories, and is still practical enough to allow me to work through a crowd?

Elfette dress–Simple and cute, and cost $2.39 at a 95-percent-off Wal-Mart sale last November 14. Looks adorable with fur-topped booties that are, sadly, impractical to wear to work.

St. Paulie Girl ensemble–Wore it on several Halloweens while tending bar in the Keys. This costume causes quite a stir, given its skirt length, and garners a decent tip or two. It cost me a fortune back in the day when I had a fortune, and requires dry cleaning.

Cinderella dress–RG Daughter wore this to a high-school costume party, and it comes complete with elbow-length gloves and a full petticoat. Will need to purchase a tiara to complete the look, however, and it is floor-length.

Vintage Capitals hockey sweater complemented by blacked-out teeth–Not sure this is best look for good tips, as comfortable as it would be. Guess I could lose the toothless part.

There we are. Talk amongst yourselves.







11 responses to “Costume Contest”

  1. zlionsfan Avatar

    The Capitals sweater would probably work well with a helmet (optionally with a visor) … even better if you can keep a stick somewhere close at hand. The stick is for whacking people who don’t tip well. The helmet would probably wear on you after a while, though. (Do they do foam-rubber hats for hockey like they do for football? Not that it would matter … I doubt you could get one in time for Monday.)

    The St. Pauli Girl costume seems second-best, although the dry-cleaning part is a drawback. That seems like a guarantee that someone will spill something on you.

    The Elfette idea is nice, but seems a little more appropriate for December work? I have no experience with floor-length dresses, but I suspect they aren’t really designed for this kind of work.

  2. cruzsuz Avatar

    You can borrow mine. I’m simply wearing my street clothes (although I will wear a dark shirt that won’t show a stain), with a name tag that reads “Mary” and applying gobs of fake blood around my hairline, ears, neck with drips here and there = Bloody Mary!

    Or you could do a variation on another term/name Old Yellar, Black-eyed Pea, green with envy, etc.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    zlionsfan–Yes, the Caps sweater is ideal in an easy, comfort way. We’ll see….
    cruzsuz–Love it.

  4. Katie Avatar

    Black cat ears and a little face paint. Goes with the black apron.

  5. Courtney Avatar

    All look fun and would look great on you….but you did keep bringing up “tips”…..go for the tips!

  6. Jennifer Avatar

    If the temps are warm, St Pauli. If it’s a bit cooler, elf. Work those tips, babe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Go for Lady Godiva – very cheap, easy to clean and a guarantee for high tips ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Amelia Avatar

    St. Pauli definitely. The drycleaning is a bummer, but I bet the tips will more than make up for it.

  9. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    I ended up wearing the elfette dress, tied a thick white feathered boa around my hair, and wore a sleek version of brown hiking boots topped with ruffled ankle socks. When asked what I was, I replied, “The October surprise snowstorm up north, which makes our pouring rain not look too terrible.” It was a good night.

  10. Jennifer Avatar

    Well played, RG, well played. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. joeinvegas Avatar

    St. Pauli would be my vote. But then again this is Vegas and skirts less than that are expected.