That Bartender

Sometimes, taking the first job offered is not a brilliant career move.

If, on day two, the triple management threat is telling you to clean better and sell more food, you clean better and try to sell more food.

If, on day five, the triple threat tells you sales are down in the bar but up in the hotel over this time last year, and, “You have big shoes to fill–your predecessor was amazing,” you try to focus and sell more food.

If, on day seven, you are absolutely sure your immediate and wonderful manager is looking for his next job on Craigslist as much as you are, you second guess this gut feeling and tell yourself you simply need to suck it up and do better at tending a bar you must constantly leave in order to tackle server side and prep work in the kitchen as you sell more food.

If, on day eight, your normally busy and focused immediate and wonderful manager is doing crosswords and texting in his office as you close, just after humorously pointing out to you that the triple management threat has conveyed to him how, “That bartender got complaints from guests last night for being slow with drinks,” even though you rang a record high in sales, you bookmark Craigslist when you get home and drink half a bottle of cheap wine.

If, on day ten, you are offered another job that you are certain you can do well–all except the part about carrying trays and jacks, since its been years since you had to carry a tray full of food in any formal fashion, and you are pretty sure the new bosses will find this to be a problem, even though they hired you on the spot after you explained this major deficiency in your hospitality experience, you accept the job while desperately pounding the pavement to find another so you don’t actually have to take it.

If, on day eleven, you give notice, saying to your immediate and wonderful manager, “I have found something that is a better fit for me,” and he laughs with you while congratulating you, and then adds, “I’m out in a week, too,” you know you made the right decision to leave, but feel terrified that the next show will be an equal disaster.

If, on day twelve, you apply for a job on Craigslist that requires a photo to be attached to your resume, and you actually do this, you might want to question two things: Am I actually a restaurant gal or just a washed-up, never-was in this entire business?

On day twelve, I am tired, burned to a crisp, much deflated, and not quite sure what is next except I start the next job next week if I can’t find something else by then. I need a big win at Gulfstream.






9 responses to “That Bartender”

  1. Gal's Daughter Avatar
    Gal’s Daughter

    Thank goodness you can get out of there….hilarious they didnt care about the tray…best of luck will send all my good karma and energy your way xoxox

  2. Craig Avatar

    You need to bet on a pony with a prime number…am glad you are still north of Surf Side Florida

  3. Bob Bishopric Avatar

    Oh, RG. I’m sorry, but glad you found another gig.

  4. Sheppitsgal Avatar

    Hope it goes well, RG. Hugs x

  5. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    My best baby girl–Thanks. Now that you are basically content in a job, time for your mama to find something “not horrible.” 🙂

    Craig–Okay, I love the prime number idea. Great guy and I will likely visit Gulfstream soon and give it a try.Miss you D.C. girlfriend!

    Bob–Yeah, not great, but not unusual in this biz, I guess. Realize more and more everyday how unusual it is to work with great management, and I’ve been lucky to do so more than once.

    Sheppitsgal–A girl can dream, haha. Thanks.

  6. savannah Avatar

    good luck, sugar! i’ve found that if i can just remember to breathe i can do ok! ;~D xoxoxo

  7. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Yup, breathing is a good place to start 🙂

  8. joeinvegas Avatar

    Oh – so sorry. Too bad it wasn’t a real bartender instead of a food server (and creator) as well.

  9. L. Avatar

    A little heart -to-heart from one writer to another:

    “I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” ~Agatha Christie

    *hugs* for you RG…you will find better places because you have the good sense to pull away from toxic situations. Smart girl!