Shameless Thanks

Two RG posts are up for “Post of the Year” at the popular South Florida Daily Blog. “Can She See Your Dog?” was post of the month for January 2010. “Alone in Time” was both the reader’s and the editor’s choice for September 2010. For Post of the Year, readers vote for their favorite, while SFDB’s editorial team selects its first choice. Thank you to SFDB for so much recognition of my writing throughout my three and a half years in South Florida.

Meanwhile, if I ever get home from work before 1 a.m. and not feel a need to stay glued to my sofa the following day to recover, I have two posts in the works that only need my formerly alert brain to complete.

Thanks again, SFDB. Thanks, as always, to my readers for hanging in with me during these, of late, too-frequent creative dry spells.







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    Woohoo! Go girl! We’ll be here when the posts have time to ferment in the blender….Wish I had your dedication! 🙂