Making Merry on a Whim

On a whim, I mentioned to a once-upon-a-time-two-years-ago-almost-but-really-never boyfriend who is, thankfully, now a friend, that I was looking for work off the Rock. I was on the other side of his bar, enjoying the evening, waiting for my great guy to get off work. Within two minutes, my now-friend gave me a name and phone number, saying, “Call. You’re in.” And although it is part-time freelance work, I am, indeed, in. Merry Christmas and thank you my now-friend who showed me an incredibly nice gesture of friendship.

On a whim, I responded in person to a location that had placed an ad for a full-time position, was interviewed first ahead of the three others waiting to enjoy the same agony of telling all about oneself, and suddenly found myself first on the A-list for a second interview. That the big boss with whom I was told to meet didn’t know that I was told to meet with him at an assigned time the next day was awkward, but interesting. “I told my manager to send me his top three candidates. You’re apparently the only one, and I didn’t even know he’d recommended you. Lucky you, though, right?” I don’t know if I have the job, but here’s to hoping that I remain first and only on that list. Merry Christmas to the job-hunting gods for waving their magic wands just in time.

On a whim, I called a former manager to give him a heads up on providing a reference, and he asked if I wanted to work a Christmas Eve private dinner occurring in four hours. He was doing a favor for a friend to help out, and they suddenly needed a second bartender as the guest list had expanded at the last minute. I spent an hilarious six hours with my former manager, pouring mostly sodas and wine and an occasional sour concoction, all the while a little awe-struck by the realization that there are still folks who still have plenty of money to host lavish holiday dinners in lavish mega mansions. Merry Christmas and thank you to my former manager. Some day, I hope we will work together again. But I hope it’s in a restaurant all of his own, because he is one of the best and would make it a thorough success.

On a whim, I am enjoying a few days off in sunny SoFla off the Rock–a visit planned on a whim at the last minute with my best-sister-like-girlfriend from chilly Montana. She is relaxing, finally, after a busy and emotional year. She is not alone on Christmas, and neither am I. We are having Christmas dinner together with my great guy at a picnic table in a very cool park. Merry Christmas to us both, to our grown kids who are having their own merry days, and to knowing we’ve both turned corners in our hearts as we look forward with hope to a new year of happiness and peace in our lives.

I have a feeling everything will work out just fine, regardless of how it all actually works out. It always does, I think, when you simply act on a whim.

Merry Christmas to all.



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7 responses to “Making Merry on a Whim”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you, RG. Here’s hoping the new year brings the joy and prosperity you GREATLY deserve!!!

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Merruy Christmas, and I hope you get the job you want 🙂

  3. joeinvegas Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Hope the whims whim on.

  4. echo Avatar

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays RG! Hope the new year brings you all that you are wishing for and everything wonderful that you deserve.

  5. Jenni G Avatar
    Jenni G

    Merry Christmas!!! I’m glad to hear things are going well and the best of luck with the new job prospect!

  6. Laundramatic Avatar

    I’m happy to see that things are going well and looking hopeful. Happy holidays!


  7. Bob Rumble Avatar
    Bob Rumble

    I’ve been following your progress through life for a year or so. Glad the future seems brighter. Good luck, and non illegitimi carborundum . . . .