Three’s the Charm II

Add a third place of employment to your daily life, and you soon find that you live in an multi-layered netherworld of “almost” realities–almost feel like I live here; almost wish I could work more shifts there; almost wonder how the more things change, the more things remain the same everywhere.

A very short list of plusses and minuses about my tri-dimensional world:

Plus: Making money, finally.

Minus: Sometimes I forget where I am working, and I draw a total blank when I answer the workplace phone.


Plus: A bad shift at one place is often replaced by a good shift at one of the other places later that day.

Minus: It’s a double; it’s grueling.


Plus: No more sitting around the house and watching TV with the dogs during my time off, while my great guy works another in a perpetual string of shifts that occur opposite of mine.

Minus: Wait, did I feed the dogs–yesterday?


Plus: I appreciate my nicest customers at each job, allowing them to dilute the pain-in-the-ass customers that are a part of every job.

Minus: By the last hour of the second half of a double, no one seems nice.


Plus: I work for some great managers.

Minus: Balancing the moods and quirks and expectations of multiple managers, while trying to remember what rule is in what place at what job, can be tricky.


Plus: Making money, finally.

Minus that’s really a plus: Work, work, work and no time for a personal life that, of late, has had its challenges. This gives me time to ponder what’s next after I’m done making all this money, finally.



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One response to “Three’s the Charm II”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    When you get through the season with all this money, are you flying over to Scotland to get your photo taken? 🙂