Overheard on Mothers Day

I told both RG Daughter and RG Son that they didn’t have to worry about calling me today, since I had to work. They called anyway, one after the other, as soon as my shift began early this morning. God love them.

Thus, I have a measure of hope that they will never have a reason to share any derivation on the following snippets of conversation to which I was privy at my bar today:

–“Mama, I told you that you can move down here and live with us. We’ve got an extra room for you.” This as his wife is standing behind him, frantically waving her hands and mouthing a silent “Nooooo!”

–“Every time I call my mother she says, ‘Howdy stranger!’ So when I called her today, she said it again, ‘Howdy stranger!’ Ma, I said, I just talked to you yesterday! ‘Oh, was that you?’ she asked.”

–“One Fathers Day, not one of my kids sent me a card. So I went out and bought one and signed it with all their names, put it on the mantle and took a photo of it and sent a copy to each of them. They never forgot again!”

–“Last year when I called my mom, she said, ‘I was looking for a card all week from you!’ But Mom, I told her, I sent you a huge arrangement of flowers. Didn’t you get them? ‘Yeah, I got them,’ she said. ‘And I’m sitting here watching them die!’”

Ah yes, just another Hallmark moment.






4 responses to “Overheard on Mothers Day”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    What a superb collection 🙂 Your humour is steadily getting darker…

  2. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal


  3. joeinvegas Avatar

    More of a Hallmark moment was the fact these conversations were in a bar

  4. d Avatar

    Are you ok? How bad is the Oil Spill where you are? How is it affecting you? I hope you’re hanging in there…I worry for you. so sorry this has happened. how are your regulars handling it?