Many Thanks, SFDB

Recognition is always nice, as is the surprise when it is quite unexpected. This month, two RG “posts of the week” are up for “Post of the Month” by the South Florida Daily Blog. Kind of cool.

This is not a shameless ploy to garner votes. Truly. It is, however, a huge nod to the fine writing well beyond RG that occurs on so many blogs in the South Florida area. Check them out.

New job starts tomorrow. Computer is back up. I am confident the Muse is waiting in the wings.


Almost forgot: RG interviewed about the biz on How to Be A Better Restaurant Customer






8 responses to “Many Thanks, SFDB”

  1. Pepe Avatar

    Honorable mentions are always nice

  2. rdler Avatar

    I was delighted to see you nominated twice this month. The Can I See Your Puppy (or whatever) one got my vote very happily.

  3. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Congratulations 🙂

  4. Mary Avatar

    Great interview – I have a “server” – related query; a friend and I have lunch out 3 or 4 times a month. As retirees (young retirees, but retirees nonetheless), we tend to favor locations with BOGO or similar coupons. That said – we do tip on the pre-discount price, but what is your opinon of serving BOGO customers?

    We had lunch out yesterday – Lomeli’s (Fullerton CA) – and they are a wonderful restaurant that issues BOGO-type coupons (not to mention a small, complimentary, glass of house wine with most meals!); we forgot the mention the coupon and weren’t sure it applied to their “lunch specials” – our server said “no problem”. We both appreciated that, even though we were prepared to pay “full freight” for our meals.

    We’ve been fortunate with our coupon use and I just wonder what servers think of them… Thanks in advance – and aren’t you happy you aren’t in D.C.?

  5. Angie Avatar

    Glad you’re back, missed your posts. I’m excited to hear about the new job.

  6. Ksue Avatar

    I voted for you!

  7. dan-E Avatar

    it may not have been a ploy for votes but I voted for you anyway. Welcome back.

  8. last one home Avatar

    its awfully easy to back the wrong horse, or horses, as the case may be. Its funny how daily cash will make financial concerns quickly dwindle–money in your pocket is soothing, even if it isn’t as much as you need at that moment–there’s always a pick up shift, an extra close, a private party…