Just Another Day

On a day when I discovered the frozen custard I ate for lunch poisoned me with wheat and soy, I did my best to push through the knife-in-the-stomach pains.

On a day when my great guy finally got a job in Key West, I did my best to be thrilled.

On a day when the significant other of our only friends in town got a job, too, I did my best to offer congratulations.

On a day when one too many Duval Street panhandlers asked me for a smoke, I did my best to lie and say I didn’t have any.

On a day when it was so hot and muggy that it felt like August, I did my best to ignore how horribly my home AC works and how the place still looks like I just moved in.

On a day when RG Daughter shared her ups and downs with me, I did my best to listen and be supportive and not demand she get on a plane and head to my so-called paradise.

On a day when I realized that I likely would not see either of my kids on Christmas, I did my best not to be too sad that this would be the first Christmas ever that I would not be with them.

On a day when I muddled through my job as I merely shrugged at the newest pack of wolves my new boss threw me to, I did my best to keep my co-workers clueless about my semi-serious notion to walk out the door for good–and to keep myself from acting upon that semi-serious notion.

On a day that was no different from many others since I moved to Key West, I scolded myself for even acknowledging the vague feeling that nothing feels quite right even as everything is mostly okay.

On a day like yesterday, I did my best. And I get to do it all again, today.







3 responses to “Just Another Day”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Not seeing your family during the holidays must be so frustrating. This season will be over before you know it. Hope you have good friends around to start a new series of happy memories.

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Don’t underestimate how much the stomach pains colour the rest of the world

  3. gabrielle Avatar

    As a GF girl myself, I can honestly say that I feel your pain, RG. Kim is right insofar as that wretched pain can taint your vision.CD affects so much more than the gut.