Keys Dating Pool

I knew my rent was not enough to cover anyone’s mortgage. I knew it was too good to be true. And it is. My landlord’s house–my home–is in foreclosure. I am faithfully sending rent payments to someone who is not faithfully making her mortgage payments.

“Don’t worry,” said the handsome lawyer who showed up at my locals bar at the behest of a patron who had heard about the missive I’d just received in yesterday’s mail. “The bank will probably be happy to let you stay there, you know, until the place is sold.” Oh good. Great.

“I’ll make a call and see what’s up tomorrow,” said the handsome lawyer who now had my cell phone number. Smooth.

“You have to let me pay you for your time,” I urged. Handsome or not, no charity work would be done by this lawyer for this gal. Especially because he was handsome.

And suddenly it was three hours later. The handsome lawyer and I had covered all the ground it usually takes to cover in three weeks.

You were a writer in D.C.? You owned a chain of restaurants?

You lived in Fort Lauderdale? You went to law school after how long in the restaurant biz?

You have grown children? You have grown children, too?

You snorkeled in Australia? You loved Amsterdam?

Who’s your favorite writer? Who’s yours?

You’re gluten intolerant? You’re a vegetarian?

You’ve never been fishing? You almost drowned while fishing last week?

You are incredibly interesting. So are you.

I’d love to take you out on my boat. I’d like that.

No really. I know.

You’ve been separated for how long? Almost two years, and you?

Um…. Oh, you’re married–married?

Yes, yes, I am.

Oh. Well. Gee. Thanks for the drink and great stories. Let me know what the bank says, and what I owe you for your time.

I really enjoyed meeting you.

Me too.


“You’re how old? How old?” asked the wide-eyed young man who claimed to have met me weeks ago at another spot.

“I just told you,” I said.

“No, you’re lying,” he said.

“Ha!” I laughed.

“You’re lying,” he said again, not laughing at all. “And now I know why you wouldn’t give me the time of day when I first met you.”

Uh oh.

“Because women of a certain age–older women–you just tell it like it is, right? Like you’re telling me to fuck off because you’re sooooooo much older, right?”


“Oh I get it. You smiled and talked to me then, but now you’re just too old for me, right?”

Uh, right on every count my insane and scary little man.

“Fine. Fine! But you could have told me. You should have told me!”


“I don’t even believe you. Lemme see your ID.”

I gotta go. Run, actually, really fast.


“She is so sweet. So cute,” he said to his friend who told a friend of mine that he’d said it. “And I’d like to hang out with her and all, but I know I’ll end up breaking her heart.”


“Yep, that’s what he said,” laughed my friend. “Don’t worry, I told him to tell him your heart was just fine because you already hang out with so many other guys–old and young. SO MANY! Didn’t he know that?”

Wait, what? Break my heart? I’ve never even been out with him. What?

“Ha! I think it’s funny as hell,” laughed my friend. “God, it’s fun to watch these guys with you. They don’t have a clue, do they?”

These are the times that keep a gal happily single.







7 responses to “Keys Dating Pool”

  1. Connie Avatar

    I have no idea how you keep your sanity, but I love your stories. Good for you for breaking out and experiencing a whole new life.

  2. Jr. High Pal Avatar
    Jr. High Pal

    kinda crazy, but not boring… Keep this up and you got a new sitcom…
    Your hanging in good gal… life is like that – people will continually amaze you…

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Connie–Who says I am keeping sane???? 🙂

    Jr. High Pal–Not boring, but some days–like the past two–I am so not surprised by anything or anyone.

  4. JoeInVegas Avatar

    Going through my head right now, the song ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’. Oh.
    The bank? A sherrif will show up with the foreclosure notice and escort you out the door, putting all your stuff on the front lawn, or maybe give you a day. Out here they hang around until you leave and then bolt the doors, no way the banks let you stay in a foreclosed place, too many liabilities. Maybe they’ll short sell to you. Sorry about that.

  5. Kgrrrl Avatar

    I’m so sick of meeting guys lately. I’m not sure what it is, but my stories are no better. I get hit on by guys older than my parents and sleazier than can be. It’s insulting at times and well, sometimes it makes me glad I’m single, other times makes me want to curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep, ha!
    good luck and keep the stories coming… I hope mine become more interesting at some point too…

  6. Mary Avatar

    Hmmm… not that I necessarily trust lawyers I’ve never met – grin – but you could ask him (since he isn’t billing you) about what would happen if you put the rent payments in an escrow account…

    Consider talking to the bank directly – they should be open to having someone keeping the place in good condition.

    If you are on a lease (rather than month-to-month) you may have some legal protections

    good luck

  7. namaste Avatar

    once again so funny how we seem to be at the same point on parallel pages. ha!