RG Interview

Check out a five-question interview with yours truly on Menu Pages South Florida.

And now I must go back to digging out all the fleece I thought I would never wear again as I try to stay warm during this taste of winter that is sweeping south all the way to the Keys! Brrr. Even Rouletta is shivering.







7 responses to “RG Interview”

  1. savannah Avatar

    great interview, sugar! i liked the ease of the Q&A xoxox

  2. Grammarian Avatar

    The plural of the singular noun “folk” is also “folk” — unless, of course, you rely on that renowned authority of grammar and syntax, Porky Pig.

    Ibbity, Ibbbity, Ibbbbity, . . . .

    (And if you need to look at my email address to determine this poster, I am going to be sorely disappointed.)

  3. upset waitress Avatar

    Cutest puppy turtle necks at the feed store. I almost got it. Then I got to thinking about Rueletta’s brindle coat not matching the argyle pattern.

  4. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Great interview 🙂

  5. Mary Avatar

    Hmm… This reminded me of jury duty back in 1984 – “They get all misty-eyed and sometimes a little arrogant and say, “Well, good for you dear, being a waitress and all.” Ha! ”

    It was a case involving a banquet waitress who had suffered a serious shoulder injury in a car crash; we were deciding the damages in the civil case. She was no longer able to do that kind of work (where she netted about $20-25 per hour between salary and tips) and had taken a job at a [major retailer] for maybe $5 per hour.

    There was a doctor’s wife on our panel; she had the attitude of “she’s just a waitress” – well, she had two or three children who were in college and she was very intelligent based on her testimony. So, we decided she was entitled to a darn good amount for “lost future wages”! This would allow her to attend college or a trade school and get back to the same sort of income stream that she had prior to the injury.

    As to Rouletta – I dunno; she had a look of “OMG, what now?!”

  6. Biztone Avatar

    Great interview… Of course you’re not going to give away where you work. I would never either…. although, I do sometimes worry about customers figuring it out when I write stories about them. I guess I can always deny it.

  7. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Savannah–Thanks. It was kinda nice to be interviewed.

    Grammarian–Groooooooan. 🙂

    Upset Waitress–Thank God you didn’t buy her something that doesn’t match her coat!


    Mary–Rouletta always looks like that, with good reason….

    Biztone–Where I work is irrelevant. Identifying names and places wouldn’t add anything to the point of the stories I write. That’s just me, though.