Off to Vegas

Taking a few days off to be with my best sister friend in Las Vegas. Taxi arrives in five hours to whisk me away to the airport. I cannot wait! Stay tuned….







6 responses to “Off to Vegas”

  1. mikepete Avatar

    Have a wonderful time!! This is the best time of year to visit! The weather is perfect. If you need anything-let me know! I’m off Thur. and Friday!!

  2. fireflygirl27 Avatar

    Oooohh 🙂 have fun! I am jealous!

  3. savannah Avatar

    have a blast! xoxo

  4. JoeInVegas Avatar

    And didn’t give me any advanced notice? Hmmmppphhh

  5. britt Avatar

    haha,,,i just back from a vegas trip yesterday! :p have fun!!!

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