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In an effort to help a friend wade through the 569 posts I have written over two-and-a-half years, I told him I would scroll back and come up with my favorites. It proved to be an interesting exercise. Some of what I have written is deeply personal and heartfelt. Sometimes that equates to good writing. Other posts are my observations about poignant moments, or a description of a fleeting contact with a person I will never forget, or a humorous take on some aspect of my job. Sometimes those posts reflect good writing as well.

But my favorites? Subject matter aside, those would be the posts that flowed so easily and so quickly, that required so little editing, that I surprise myself when I re-read them today. I wrote that?

Missing from this list are the posts I have written about RG Son and Daughter. They are my real favorites, including the one I wrote on the eve of my son’s graduation from college a year ago May. But in terms of writing for writing’s sake, the following are the posts I would point to if pressed to whittle it all down to a few.

For those of you who have been reading all along, welcome to a trip down Memory Lane. For those of you new to reading this blog, check out some of these older posts. You’ll glimpse a snapshot of where I was a few months and years ago, and, I hope, enjoy the read.

Starting with the most recently posted:

2008 South Florida

Blame it on the Lizards

Marlboro Boys

Ode to Coletta

The Accidental Wedding

Across the Street


When Money Talks

Baby on My Shoulder

South Floridians–The Weather is Perfect!

Look at Them

2007 D.C.

If You Only Had One Wish

Through the Roof

Love Letter

It’s Always Been Right There

Unintentional Adultery on the Way to Work

Note to the Angels: Tell My Dad I Send Love

Sixteen Going on Sixty

Last Days

Little Hands, Big Help

2006 D.C.

Ladies Who Lunch

With This Ring

I’ll Be Right With You–After I Call the Police

Keep It Even, Fold it Straight



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4 responses to “Top 23”

  1. donttipthewaiter Avatar

    Nice job, RG. I’ve read many of these, and can’t wait to check out the rest. Great writing as always!


    – Dennis

  2. JoeInVegas Avatar

    Oh – a tiptoe through the tulips of memories – thanks for pointing out the ones you like, now I’ll have to go off and read myself.

  3. Julie Avatar

    Yippy! My favorite one was included!

    But, now I have to go back and read the posts from before I found your site… Maybe I’ll find another new fave.

  4. Elaine James Avatar

    i could have sworn that you had more than 569 posts! congratulations. on so many things in your life. keep up the amazing writing, thank you.