Flying Too High

Cost of round-trip, advance-purchase ticket, FLL to DCA: $248.00. “Great fare,” comments a friend.

Cost of checking one bag: $15.00. “Yeah, sorry about that,” comments the desk agent.

Cost to change my middle seat 17E to an aisle seat 8D: $10. “I think the duct tape wrapped around your arm rest is a really nice touch,” laughs the girl stuck in the middle seat next to me.

Cost to bring pup in a carry-on bag and shove her under the seat: $100.00 each way. “You mean they charge you $100 just because you have something alive in your carry-on bag?” laughs the girl stuck in the middle seat next to me.

Cost for a bottle of water: $2.00 “Seriously, you’re charging me for the water?” asks the no-longer laughing girl stuck in the middle seat next me. “Hey, the cup of ice is free,” laughs the flight attendant. HA HA HA!

Cost for a cup of “fresh brewed coffee:” $1.00. “I’ll give you a free refill,” whispers another flight attendant.

True value of today’s fine flying experience: Utterly worthless.

I am in D.C. for the weekend, packing up the house. But I’ll be back in plenty of time for the Sunday-night shift frivolity!





5 responses to “Flying Too High”

  1. Rick Avatar


    $200 R/T for pup? I know a guy in FL who can take care of her for the weekend for 1/2 that price. Heh.


  2. Julie Avatar

    I can’t believe all the charges airlines are coming up with. I wonder how bad it will be when I fly overseas…

  3. Tinker Avatar

    Pretty soon it will be like a trip to the bank with all the fees, but the TSA will make it happier for us all. Where else can you be strip-searched on a whim?

  4. savannah Avatar

    *hugs* i hate packing…almost as much as i hate flying! xoxo

  5. Food Service Ninja Avatar

    i have not flown since my lil bro got married forget the year but was last week the old Denver airport was open.

    I until recently waited in downtown of a major city and heard lots of horror stories and this was before the agony of a thousand fees. Local paper had a good story on how if they charge for bags they should be providing a lot the service with much better rate of last and damaged bags. America is based here and they have the worse record in industry.

    Try a another Texas airline if they fly your route next time Southwest much more customer focued and they have opted to avoid most of the fees specifically bags