Thanks, Waiter

Three years ago, I walked out of my office and into the hiring arena of one of D.C.’s most popular restaurants. I was hired on the spot. Six months into my job as a maitre d’, I began writing Restaurant Gal because I was astounded by the nature of the business and the stories that played out in front of my podium.

For several months, I wrote this blog as a solo venture, never giving a thought to who might be reading it because, frankly, I knew no one except my husband and a handful of friends was reading.

One morning, I noticed my RG mail box had a message in it. What? Someone had actually commented on my blog? Later that morning, two more messages indicating two more comments popped up. Seriously?

“You are putting comments on my blog to make me feel like someone out there is reading, aren’t you?” I joked with Mr. Restaurant Gal.

He peered over the newspaper he was reading. “Uh, actually, no. You’ve got comments? That’s great! I told you people would eventually find you.”

But even he was curious, and when he announced the reason for the sudden attention, we were both astounded. “Looks like another blogger linked to you on his blog roll.” At the time, I was clueless about other blogs, blog rolls, and the like.

“What? Who?” I asked, totally bewildered.

“Waiter Rant. He put you on his blog roll.”

I paged back in my mind. “Oh, yeah, there’s a guy out there who’s a waiter and a terrific writer. I emailed him a month or so ago to let him know I really enjoyed his style, but that was about it.” Being dense, I also had no idea Waiter had one of the hottest and best-read blogs out there.

“Guess he liked yours, too.”

Thanks to Waiter linking to my blog, visits to RG grew steadily to 2000-plus a week. Thanks to Waiter, my blog continued to gain in popularity and readership. It felt very, very cool to have an audience for my stories.

It was also extremely helpful to exchange email with a successful blogger who was constantly having his anonymity challenged during a time when mine was as well. He offered support and advice that helped me ride out those rough times, and I will never forget that.

Since I moved from D.C. to South Florida a year ago, the nature of Restaurant Gal has shifted from laments and laughs about the industry to more general stories about life’s changes and challenges. Restaurant stories continue to inspire my writing, but I find the universe is equally inspiring beyond the confines of menus and reservations and crazy guests. Happily, my readership continues to grow, even though I am no longer a link on Waiter’s blog roll.

Now, Waiter has his own big news. His book is finally out, and so, it seems, is his identity. Now I can properly thank him.

Thank you Steve Dublanica for your incredible reads on Waiter Rant and for taking time to read my missives when you could. Here’s to wishing great success for your book and to thanking you again for recognizing Restaurant Gal and helping to launch it into the blogosphere two-and-a-half years ago.

Keep writing. I know I will.

And a toast to 25-percent tips.






20 responses to “Thanks, Waiter”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Yep, that’s how I found you through Waiter Rant. I’ve been a steady reader ever since. Here’s to your blog continuing in popularity.

  2. Christine in LA Avatar

    I, too, found you via Waiter Rant and am so glad for that because I continue to really enjoy your writing:) This is great news for Waiter as well!

  3. JoeInVegas Avatar

    That’s OK. We like the restaurant stories, but sometimes Florida itself is so interesting (at least the way you make it sound)

  4. Julie Avatar

    I found you through Waiter Rant as well. Every morning, I check your blog while I have my coffee (or other source of refreshment — caffeine-free, of course), but I don’t check The Waiter every morning. Just you.

    I love your stories. With the personal items, I recall similar times in my life and know that you’re handling things better than I did. (Yes, I’m serious.) And your work stories remind me that my job isn’t the only one with people who just don’t get it. Plus, I find out how not to act in a restaurant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. mur Avatar

    I also found you through waiterrant, and have enjoyed both blogs for a long time now. His new book (pre-ordered on amazon), is a great read. Can’t wait for my day off tomorrow to finish it!

    It is very gracious of you to acknowledge his influence and support of your writing. I love how the blogosphere can be so friendly sometimes.

    And now, we must look forward to YOUR book!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    Found you the same way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Laura Avatar

    I found you through watierrant as well. And kudos to him. Can I ask why you are no longer on his blog roll?

  8. c.watson Avatar

    I found you through Waiter Rant. But Iove that your blog is not just about the restaurant industry, its fun to read about everything you are going through.

  9. MB Avatar

    As did I.


  10. Tinker Avatar

    I found waiterrant through your blog. And eventually gave it up as I didn’t have time to keep up. Still reading yours though.

  11. taotechuck Avatar

    If it weren’t for the waiter, I wouldn’t have found you. And if I hadn’t found you, I wouldn’t have heard your stories. And if I hadn’t heard your stories, I’d be… well, I’d be missing something I didn’t even know I was missing. And we’re all missing too many things we don’t know we’re missing.
    Cheers to you, my storyteller friend. Cheers to you, and cheers to all of yours.
    (And, of course, cheers to Rouletta, from the three Baltimore pups.)

  12. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I think I found you via our much missed amigo, El Guapo.

    knew you had a healthy readership, but thousands per day is astonishing – not that you don’t deserve it, just I rarely approach 3 figures, let alone 4.

    It’s such a wierd thing that, expecially with our off-blog chats, blogging feels like a small and intimate thing between a handful of friends, and yet there are so many people out there reading, but not commenting.

  13. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Angie–Thank you!
    Christine–And to you, as well.
    Joe in Vegas–Ah yes, SoFla can be very “interesting.”
    Julie–Wish I had the time to write a story a day for you to read every morning. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, too.
    Mur–Just got my copy yesterday. Now, if only Waiter will share the name of his agent with me….
    Laura–Glad you’re reading RG. I have no idea why I am off Waiter’s blog roll, you’d have to ask him. But he likely edits it now and then.
    c. watson–It’s nice to hear that you enjoy all the types of tales I tell on RG!
    Tinker–How funny that you found Waiter’s site from my blog roll! Thank you for making the time to read RG.
    taotechuck–You have been with me from the beginning, as I recall, and I so appreciate it. Keep up your fine writing, because it is a gift for all. And Rouletta sends a handful of dog treats to her pals in Baltimore!
    Kim–Yikes, I meant per WEEK not day. As I said in my email to you, I never even noticed that major typo until your comment popped up in my mailbox. Correction made and now I must go find my brain that was left on the moving van last week!

  14. Lyla Lou Avatar

    I found you through waiterrant too! Are you also writing a book? Because you should!

  15. DC Avatar

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months already. Just want to tell you that yea, I chanced upon this area only because of Waiter Rant. Please carry on publishing fabulous stories. Hopefully one day, you’ll get a book deal too. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  16. Mike Avatar

    RG, found you through WaiterRant as well, and so glad I did. Your blog is one of my favorites to read each morning… Lyla Lou is right, have you ever considered writing a book…? We would all buy it in a heartbeat.

  17. Sharon Avatar

    Chalk up another one who found you through Waiter Rant- must be going on two years now. And I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly- changes and all- and hope you continue for a long, long while!

  18. val Avatar

    When they mentioned waiter rant’s book on TV last night, it felt like something personal got out to the world. I do wish him success though! I enjoy blog reading and yours is a favorite!

  19. Rose Royce Avatar
    Rose Royce

    Found you through Waiter Rant also. I was living in a state that I hated and made me want to drive off a cliff if that state had cliffs; and was all over the web looking for some mind stimulation and found you. Thanks for sharing your life.

  20. savannah Avatar

    waiter rant seems to have been everyone’s intro to you! and i will forever be in his debt! xox