Goin’ to Cinci

I called my girlfriend and asked her to meet in town for one glass of wine. “I can’t just be home and stare at my walls.”

“Of course,” she said.

We had two glasses of wine and split a fruit and cheese platter and then decided to go to the bar we love at the beach, the bar where I met the boy. The boy whose phone number I deleted from my phone–not out of spite or anger, but in self-preservation–so that I am no longer able to initiate texts or calls.

My girlfriend and I chatted with each other at the bar where I met the boy, then we chatted with friends of the boy, because everyone is friends with the boy, but the boy was not there. And this was good. In fact, the evening was pleasant, fun.

My girlfriend left, and I stayed to finish my wine, because I was enjoying laughing as I sat between two friends of the boy and actually didn’t care that the boy wasn’t there. When you delete a phone number from your phone, you are most definitely making a statement to yourself.

Suddenly, an arm snaked around my waist. “Hey, there’s a pretty girl,” said the deep voice, and a kiss touched my lips.

“Oh hi,” I said, as genuinely surprised as I was mostly unresponsive. After all, I no longer had his phone number in my cell. Not that he knew this. But I did.

He seemed only a little surprised to see me sitting between his two pals, laughing as his two pals and I one-upped each other with terrible jokes. I’d like to say the night went on to include his attention as well as his effort to make plans to see me another evening. It did not.

Instead, I chatted far more with the GM of this place about silly guests and their outrageous requests, private dining and food-and-beverage minimums over which guests beat you up–business, if you will, albeit in a hilarious way. I think the boy wondered at this, but only ever so briefly.

When he rose to leave, I asked if he would walk me to my car. He did, chattering about how busy he was at work and how a deal overseas was unfolding. I heard him, but I’d also heard it before.

He hugged me goodnight at my car, wrapping his arms around me, but I did not kiss him. I couldn’t. “You look so great,” he mumbled into my hair. “What were you doing tonight, anyway, out picking up other guys?”

“Should I have been?” I laughed, a laugh that was strained at best.

“No!” he answered, and maybe he meant it. I thought at that exact moment, however, He really thinks all is okay between us. And then I thought about it again. No, it’s simply all okay for him.

“Say hi to Rouletta for me,” he said, hugging me again, his hand caressing my hair.

“Sure,” was all I could say as I twisted out of his arms and climbed into my car. I drove off without so much as a wave. I don’t think he noticed.

I didn’t know that tonight would be the night that all of this would matter a tiny bit less than it had during the storm of sadness I’ve been battling for the past week. That it would matter this tiny bit less so soon after feeling so devastated was a delightful surprise.

I know myself. I likely will feel sad again soon. And again and again. But tonight was good.

Now, here’s the Cinci part:

In the spirit of moving forward, I will be in Cincinnati this Sunday helping my pal at Just Cured dispense his incredible European-style smoked and cured salmon at a Brunch–part of an annual “7 Days for SIDS” event that supports SIDS research. If you live in or are visiting the Cinci area and feel like grazing on great food for an excellent cause, stop by Just Cured and say hello.





11 responses to “Goin’ to Cinci”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Ah.. if only I could go. Want to swing by Chicago on your way home?

  2. laundramatic Avatar

    I love your blog and Im sure you’ve noticed I comment once in a while and I LIVE in Cincinnati. Good city if you know where to go.. While I will be out of town for about two weeks I want to recommend the Pavilion during the happy hour for great drinks and Palomino’s (I believe its on central parkway or central ave) for great Italian food.
    Good for you for not giving into the boy’s smooth talk. There are so many guys like him. And there are so many guys better than him.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Julie–Come to Cinci and say hi!

    laundromatic: Thanks for the tips and please fell free to donate to this charity and come by and say hi. As for smooth talk, it sounded so great, but I hope the next boy’s is more real.

  4. Zazzy Avatar

    Good for you – have fun in Cincinnati!

  5. m Avatar

    Check that out, two Cinci readers.
    I like Kona Bistro, is in Oakley (Cinci neighborhood).

  6. MenSuck Avatar

    Damn, RG you handle things so much better than I would with that guy. I tihnk I would have socked him in the eye if he acted so presumptuous with me after the lack of attention. I guess some guys either don’t get it, or they are just so into themselves that they don’t stop to think how someone else is affected. I cringed when I read the line about coming over and snaking his arm around you. Its like he is trying to act like he has some type of claim on you when he’s done nothing to earn the privilege. Next time he slithers over, maybe an accidental stomp on his toe with your platform heels will teach him some manners!

    Laundramatic is right. But you know the funny thing is, even though you always kinda get a sense of the “smooth talker” guy, they do always break your heart just a little when you realize they aren’t going to be won over and turn from a frog to a prince. For me, I think my ego was hurt more than my heart. What girl doesn’t want to tame an independent handsome rogue?? 🙂

    I was thinking that maybe you should consider taking a break from that bar for a little while or expanding your horizons and hanging out someplace new and meeting different people. I know you love that bar and I’m not suggesting giving it up to avoid some guy, but then again it is kinda like a weird game because you know he or his friends go there alot. It’s kinda holding you back and opening wounds that aren’t totally healed maybe?

    Do yourself a favor, stay away for a little while, and the next time you DO go there, be sure to bring a handsome date who is completely smitten with you.

  7. Natalie Avatar

    It sounds to me like he’s a little too into himself to even realize that you’re not reciprocating.

    Cincinnati sounds like fun. Have a great time there!

    I’m in IL near Chicago for the summer while the hubs does an internship. Then it’s back to UT for one more year of B-School. And then who knows? The future is wide open.

  8. Jane Avatar

    3 Cinci readers…. well was in Cinci, now in South Carolina. 7 Days for Sids is an excellent event that came about because of a very sad event. The guy who hosts it-Jean Robert-has some of the best restaurants in Cincinnati. I miss it there, but not in the winter, have a great time. Don’t fall for any crap this smooth talking guy may feed you, he will have way too many lines up his sleeve!

  9. Julie Avatar

    Cinci’s quite a drive from here, especially with gas prices (and no “real” job right now).

    I hope your trip was great fun.

  10. Cootera Avatar

    I’ve commented a few times, but read very often. A boy is a boy. A man is a man. Wish you weren’t going through this… and that no one had to. But I think I missed something somewhere. Maybe. I have it stuck in my head that you’re going to be with Mr. Restaurant Gal again after you get your wah-wahs out (and wah-wahs are not a deprecation). Who needs the boy?

    In the meantime, I hope Cincinnati is a welcome change of scenery for you, RG!

  11. megan fox Avatar

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