Sometimes, Music Says It Best

It is Saturday night. I am off. I am hanging out with the pup.


I have visited Mr. Fabulous and done my laundry two days ahead of time. I have grocery shopped. I have cleaned my apartment. I am sunburned from earlier hours spent sleeping on the beach. I have done everything I can to fill the time.

No denying it. It’s just me.

As I shamelessly steal the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, I bring you my mood on this Saturday night, as only Neil Diamond can write it and Johnny Cash can sing it.






5 responses to “Sometimes, Music Says It Best”

  1. Rick Avatar


    Welcome to the club.


  2. Echo Avatar

    Am there. Sitting alone; unwinding after work. Some times it’s good to be alone, to listen to the stillness, to find the peace inside. Other times it’s too quiet, too alone, and I need the human contact. Glad you have the pup to keep you company.

  3. Mary Tiler More Avatar

    Johnny Cash rules, and as long as you can write the way you do, you are never alone, because for every single person who comments, 100 more are reading, or they would be if they knew how you could tell a story.

  4. Mel Avatar

    Watching that clip brought tears to my eyes. Not because I’m alone, but because I was around when those two men sang it and were that age, perhaps a better time to be around? I may just be low on testosterone…


  5. mur Avatar

    Wisdom rules, RG. As do you.