I write about funny and not-so-funny moments in my life. My previous post, “Booty Called” is a perfect example of how a quick exchange between me and a clerk at a pharmacy can make me laugh at the absolute absurdity of it, as well as at the irony of a text message I received later that had nothing to do with the pharmacy interlude.

This is how I write. It is not all verbatim. Much, if not all, of my writing is based on my perceptions, not necessarily the reality.

To wit:

* Was the pharmacist really checking me out? Who knows? This is SoFla–every friggin man down here is checking everyone out all the time, anyplace, anywhere! But maybe he was simply staring as he wondered what to do about the lack of my complete prescription.

* Was the clerk really the HIPPA spawn of Satan? She certainly wasn’t subtle, but she was also inputting my insurance info into her system, and perhaps her computer prompted a question about what my prescription was actually for.

*Did the people in line behind me really hear all this? I didn’t know who was in line until I turned around moments later. Possibly no one was there when our brief exchange about pills occurred.

So, there is absolutely no need to “report” anyone. “Booty Called” made me laugh aloud as I wrote it. It is an account of an episode based entirely on my perception–nothing more. Please, go back and read it again or for the first time. It’s supposed to be funny.

Laugh with me!






10 responses to “Disclaimer”

  1. Zazzy Avatar

    Ah, RG – I was laughing with you (and I hope others were too). It just happened to press my professional-conduct button, too. So while I was giggling at the description of the scene, my serious side was whipping out the picket sign. I love your ability to laugh and to set the scene for the rest of us.

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    What you write are wonderful, absorbing tales based on your life, constructed to find the essence of a story.

    Almost everything I write on my blog is exaggerated, reconstructed, edited and nudged to make it a better read. Of course it’s all absolutely true, just not always the literal truth…

    I don’t expect yours is any different 🙂

  3. Candi Avatar

    I think your previous post serves as a testament to your skills as a writer. Good writers can take any mundane situation and spin it into an interesting tale. It’s like drawing a characture… you magnify certain traits or characteristics for comical (or dramatic) effect. You’re very talented!

  4. sue Avatar

    Your kidding, right?

  5. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Zazzy–No worries at all.

    Kim–You absolutely know it all. Thank you for explaining what you know, here.

    Candi–Finally, someone else who gets it!


  6. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Oh, and this is the first and last disclaimer I will ever write on my own blog. I must have been crazy to even do so.

  7. patita Avatar

    Haha! Reminds me of when I worked in a pharmacy and a guy was flirting with me as I was ringing up his herpes medication. Pharmacies bring out the weird in everyone!

  8. spider Avatar

    i thought your story was well written and made me laugh. maybe people need to find their sense of humor?

  9. Canadian Girl Avatar

    Your “Booty Called” post had me laughing out loud. Had I been drinking coffee at the time, I’d have had to clean my computer screen. I love your writing; please don’t stop.

  10. savannah Avatar

    even your disclaimer made me laugh, sugar! 😉