Eight Peacocks Marching

Make that four peacocks and four peahens, but they were very definitely marching down the middle of a busy road that defines one boundary of my eclectic neighborhood.

In my neighborhood, I have seen every breed of dog, every color of feral cat, and every type of person wearing all manner of dress. In my neighborhood, I have seen it all that I would never see in D.C.

In my neighborhood, I have taunted, run from, and lightly tapped the beak with the toe of my running shoe of one of a flock of aggressive and annoying white ducks that stalk and terrorize every pedestrian and domestic pet in my neighborhood. One of the people I would never see in D.C. apparently “saved” these ducks and let them loose in my neighborhood. They are not cute. They are not fun to see. They are horrible and poop everywhere, and they scare the crap out of everyone else.

But peacocks? And this many? Lumbering as surely and confidently as if they were following a Google map, straight down the double yellow line in the middle of the boulevard, causing traffic to stop in each direction?

“I am guessing they are good luck,” I told Mr. Restaurant Gal as I watched this odd sight while we talked on the phone and I walked my pup. “There are eight of them, so that means eight good things will happen to both of us today.” He laughed.

I smiled to myself. Because I believed it.

Here’s the count:

8. I did okay–not great, but okay–as a last-minute sub for our regular maitre d’ on a busy Wednesday night. Brought me back to my busy D.C. maitre d’ days. Made me wonder if I could be really good at the maitre d’ job here if I did it more regularly.

7. The two large walk-in parties that I “lost” on this busy Wednesday night must not have really wanted to wait long enough to eat at my restaurant, because they were nowhere to be found when we could have seated them, so maybe they weren’t really “lost.”

6. I am planning a trip to Key West because I have never been there, and it turns out May is a cheap month to go to Key West. Then I ran 5 miles after work and didn’t feel winded or tired, even though I was tired all day at work.

5. My pup is still adorable even if the medication she is on for the next few days is making her have “accidents” and we board a plane together at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow.

4. I booked three, or was it four, private dinners today, seemingly all within minutes of each other. This will make the owners happy. This will make everyone else I work with crazy, even angry. With the luck of the flock of peacocks on my side, this will make the increased revenue outweigh the pain-in-the-ass aspect of these private dinners.

3. My GM couldn’t have been nicer or more generous or more complimentary today. And I am pretty sure he meant it.

2. I didn’t call or text or care about not calling or texting those who, in the past few months, might have cared about what I cared about–the Caps battling it out with the Flyers in a second overtime. Sadly, the Caps lost, but what a game!

1. I am headed to D.C. for a bittersweet visit that involves selling my house and possibly regaining so much more after the sale is done.

Peacocks. Peahens. Good luck omen? Good luck charm?

Sure. Why not? A gal can believe.







11 responses to “Eight Peacocks Marching”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Grab the good omens whenever you can.

    In different parts of the UK, a black cat crossing your path can be either good luck or bad luck. As I have no idea which it is around here I choose to take it as good luck. May as well 🙂

  2. Kris Avatar

    Safe trip to you, RG. And all the best in outcomes.

  3. Joe Avatar

    So call me nosy but what does a friendly chat with Mr. Restaurant Gal but a trip to sell your house mean? Especially the regaining part?

    Just want the best for you, whatever you decide that is 🙂

  4. JoeInVegas Avatar

    Did you grab some tail feathers to stick in your hat? Bring back styles from the ’30s.

  5. Sharon Avatar

    I’m so hoping for the best for you. Whatever it is that you want.

  6. L. Avatar

    Have you ever read the blog at http://widelawns.blogspot.com/ ?

    She is in Florida …and Peacocks are taking over her streets … the photo was just posted It’s a very good read (just like you!). You might live in the same area. …though I think she lives on a little island off the beach.


  7. Wide Lawns Avatar

    Hey maybe we do live in the same neighborhood, but from reading this I can’t tell if you still live here or if you live in DC. If you live here you should email me. Maybe we’re neighbors and we could meet up. It’s true what L said that a lot of the time I do live on a little island off the beach, but that’s when I house-sit for my parents. My apartment is in an “eclectic neighborhood” with peacocks. Thanks for the comment on my site because I didn’t even know about you! Now I have another great read.

  8. Frances Avatar

    Key West is beautiful. The last time I stayed the night (since it was do-able as a day trip from Miami), I stayed at the Eden House – http://www.edenhouse.com/ – I would go back there in an instant, and that was almost a dozen years ago. Huge glasses of fresh OJ with a massive selection of different Eggs Benedict… wow!

  9. Frances Avatar

    Ignore that last one… Key West is beautiful. The last time I stayed there, I stayed at the Eden House – http://www.edenhouse.com/ – which had great rooms and lovely food. (That’s the abbreviated version.)

  10. Jenni Avatar

    here’s too good things!

    keep believing RG!

  11. Jenni Avatar

    here’s to good things!

    keep believing RG!