Spring Break 2008

We ate. We drank. We danced.

We ate too little. We drank too much. We kept dancing, even when the music stopped.

We are pretty sure we didn’t drunk dial, text, or email.

We each did something stupid every night, most of which we remembered. We giggled like teenagers. We kissed our dance partners goodnight and laughed at ourselves for acting like teenagers.

We laughed until our sides ached at the hilarious photos we took of our dance party behavior.

We draped our arms around each other’s shoulders and laughed as we walked to hail a cab on our last night together.

We were so sad to say goodbye after three days.

How quiet and empty my apartment feels tonight.

How I have missed these girls. How I have missed being one of the girls.






4 responses to “Spring Break 2008”

  1. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    Well, RG, if all of our friends and relatives moved to Florida, we’d have no room on the Driving Range. I think we have enough traffic already. Stop talking about the great weather. We have HURRICANES! Stay away, everyone! No fun to be had here! Move along!

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    So when do the drunk photos make their way onto the blog?

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Ex-RM–Surely we can allow two more to move here and then talk up the dreadful heat and humidity!

    Kim–All photos are safely stored on my computer, only to be viewed and laughed at by my pals and me. 😉

  4. Ali Avatar

    Cheers for a good time. I think you were definitely due for some goofing off.