Off the Schedule

Quick: How do you get a slovenly, lazy, pain-in-the-ass restaurant employee to move on without having to fire him/her? Slowly or not so slowly reduce their days on the schedule. Sit back, wait a few weeks, and voila–bye bye! No pain, no harm, no foul.

Thus, I was somewhat shocked when I found my schedule shortened this week. Without requesting it, I am off tomorrow and Friday in addition to being off as I normally am this weekend. I am also off next Friday ( I had requested that Friday off). Sure, take Valentine’s Day off, too. Uh oh.

I mean, UH OH.

Now, I am pretty sure I have done the best I could these past few months covering for one employee who was on leave while I took on and built up the private dining program, never mind stepping in at the door as a host or pseudo maitre d’ as needed.

I am pretty sure my GM is mostly happy with my job performance. I am sort of sure he is just being nice and letting me have a breather. I am not at all sure he knows I am only kidding about my idle threat to move to the Keys and pour coffee and scramble eggs (as oddly appealing as that sounds). Duh, of course it’s all fine! No worries. What am I thinking?


What was he thinking?

Meanwhile, show me the beach. 😉






12 responses to “Off the Schedule”

  1. Tere Avatar

    I see why you’re worried because frankly, I would be too. Is it possible to have a frank discussion about it with the GM? Either by joking or being straightforward? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and say he’s giving you a breather for all your hard work!

  2. Julie Avatar

    I’m sure it’s just a breather. Now that your counterpart has returned, he has more flexibility in the schedule.

    I just had fun shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. Enjoy the sunshine, surf, and sand for me.

  3. Don the retired restaurant manager Avatar
    Don the retired restaurant manager

    Since your not slovenly, lazy, or a pain in the ass…take a breather, come back
    re-freshed, and thank him for the rest. He probably is looking at this as an opportunity to give back for helping out in time of need. I would probably only hold the keys and scrambled eggs dream to myself though, we restaurant managers(former) get funny when people start talking about following their dreams!!!!!!

  4. joeinvegas Avatar

    If the busy season is here, and it’s Valentines Day off, perhaps it might be best to talk to him about it. Never hurts to say you like it there and want to stay.

  5. jali Avatar

    Since you’re NOT a slovenly, pain in the ass employee I’m positive that it’s just a reward of sorts for running ragged for the last few months.

  6. Augs Avatar

    Enjoy the rest.
    Beach is that way ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

  7. rawdawgbuffalo Avatar

    sounds like good things come to thoes with big hearts. enjoy the days off

  8. last one home Avatar

    less work to scare someone off? Never heard of it. When I want to get rid of someone I just make them work one-on-one with me for a few days–that always does the trick!

    Seriously, I’m sure your manager just wants to give back a little for your hard work…not that I ever would, but to each his own.

  9. Ali Avatar

    Given the circumstances, I’m sure it’s time off for good behavior rather than trying to run you off. Relax, enjoy the bonus time. Maybe go for some extra long walks with Rouletta (or do some clothes shopping together so you can coordinate) and take in a good movie. I’d recommend “Juno.”

  10. Manuel Avatar

    listen I would be exactly the same…..if they stopped putting me on all the big shifts I would be as paranoid as hell…..but I’m sure your boss is just being cool to you…..

  11. upset waitress Avatar

    RG being paranoid? Me?, I would be like…”Wooo hooo, thanks Mr GM, and if you need to cut even more shifts, count me in” Heheha. Better be thankful for the time now, because in a few days, you will want to move out of this state. Our peak season starts soon and lasts for almost 6 weeks. Bleah.

  12. Ken Felton Avatar
    Ken Felton

    Your California relative reads your blog often and am amazed how you make common every day events so interesting. I hope you find happiness in your new pursuits. I care about you.