Adding It Up

Six months into it:

My personal life in South Florida: Currently in the tank. Maybe I should have gone on that boat ride, after all.

Kids: Excellent. And, yes, this counts for a lot.

Job: Huge challenge, now that we are in season. Head spinning, ability to be polite fading fast. No, really, guests have complained about me. Yep, complained about RG. Outlook? Desperately trying to stay in the game.

Pup: The best. Thank God.

My sanity: Hanging by a very slender thread.

My goal: Pouring coffee at a small, nothing eatery on any Key with Upset Waitress, where no one rich or incredibly rude ever goes.

My reality: So far, this place has offered me weather to die for. Now all I have to do is not die.

The cost: Stupidly high auto insurance. And a bit more.






9 responses to “Adding It Up”

  1. Tinker Avatar

    How is motorcycle insurance over there? I’d guess it would be a grest deal lower as motorcycles are not a favorite vehicle of Geriatric patients. Maybe you should switch to a motorcycle (or even a scooter!). Would probably get about 85-95 mpg.
    Oh yeah you’d need to be REAL careful since Geriatrics are not noted for their vision. But I’d sooner take a chamce on some old people than a buffoon in an Escalade. that is talking on the phone.

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Probably saner than if you’d not moved when you did

  3. Chris Avatar

    Matthew 16:26

  4. Augs Avatar

    Sounds like you’re taking the bad and the good. Hang in there, winter birds can;t stay there for ever.

  5. Manuel Avatar

    Sounds like life……stay cool…..

  6. LM Avatar

    In the Biz there are those customers who would complain that the good Lord Himself didn’t do enough or wasn’t polite enough. Please take them with a grian of salt, maybe around the rim of a margarita?

  7. upset waitress Avatar

    I’m in the same boat. Uggggh. Too bad all of our customers can’t be dogs.

  8. Jenni Avatar

    I know you’ll get through all of this and eventually all will be right in your world. (well… maybe not all.. that might be boring after all… but I have faith that you’ll come out all right in the end.. or the beginning)

    the funny thing is, I have a feeling you’ll actually understand what I’m so not able to state eloquently at the moment.


  9. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    Don’t worry, we’re all keeping an eye on you. And Rouletta will certainly keep you focused. Definitely busy.

    Just remember to keep smiling, it makes everyone else wonder what you’ve been up to.