Server Repair

No, not the lunch staff. The server that brings RG to you is in dire need of extensive maintenance. Thus, my site will be down for most of Saturday, and possibly into Sunday morning. But I have a couple of posts I am working on for Sunday night, so please come back then!

Happy weekend to all and try to stay warm. I’m doing my best to do the same here in 82-degree-sunshine.

Sorry, that was just plain mean 😉 .

Until Sunday….






3 responses to “Server Repair”

  1. Tinker Avatar

    Hey stuff happens. Fried my power supply, along with 2 GB of memory. Just got it back and you are shut down?

  2. Jenni Avatar

    oooo. that was mean! 🙂

  3. Manuel Avatar

    I was panicking there for a while………