Cheers and Chocolate to My Friend

We share a birthday. You always tell everyone that I am older than you, “By a few hours.”

Our kids have been friends pretty much forever; our daughters since age three.

We lost touch. We got back in touch just recently.

You came to visit me here. I will never forget that.

I sent you $14.73 worth of chocolate. It cost me $50.00 to make sure it got there in time.

I thought about you all day, yesterday. This, the day when several lunch servers essentially mutinied. This, the day I reamed them all and let them know their attitudes sucked and I wasn’t tolerating it another second. This, the day I made a server cry.

Me, making someone cry at work.

But I care far less about making a whining server cry than I do knowing you are okay.

You don’t read this blog. I wish you did. Because then you would know how much I wish you a speedy recovery so you will look forward to eating the mounds of chocolate I am sending you tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

My arms are around you. From way down here.







4 responses to “Cheers and Chocolate to My Friend”

  1. upset waitress Avatar

    This makes me sad. Someone is really sick?

  2. Manuel Avatar

    awh……I want chocolates…….hope all is ok…..

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    UW , Manuel–Hopefully, all is okay for her, and the only side effect is that she gains a ton of weight from eating all the chocolate I sent her.

  4. last one home Avatar

    I make people cry all the time…welcome to the club!