I Might Get a dog

So, what do we think about a three-year-old retired show girl and Boston Terrier named Roulette? I am SO tempted. I will say, one of my guy friends is horrified. Hmm. All comments and opinions welcome.






24 responses to “I Might Get a dog”

  1. m Avatar

    Go for it! It’s so nice having that happy face to come home to. My dog always makes me feel better. And she’s motivation to go for walks.

  2. Canadian Girl Avatar

    I love my doggie and I’m sure you and Roulette would make an awesome pair, but you do have to consider what to do when you travel. If pup can’t come along, you need either a good kennel or a REALLY good friend.

  3. upset waitress Avatar

    Dogs are great. I would never live with-out one. But I would rescue a dog from a shelter personally. My old man is 14 years old now. Because of good friends, I’ve never had a problem taking care of him while traveling. He gets anxious when I’m not home, but golly when I get back, he gives me a weeks worth of loving compiled into 7 seconds haha.

  4. Alex Avatar

    What’s it got to do with him. Love me love my dog. Go for it.

  5. Carlos Lorenzo Avatar

    A dog was one of my daughters wishes for Christmas but she couldn’t get that present. I personally love dogs and used to ask my parents to buy or adopt one all the time, so it is the same old story. The fact is we live in an apartment and she is too young to care after the dog. I would say go for it but consider your time and room for the animal first. Both my upstairs and downstairs neighbors have dogs and they spend a long time barking cause their owners have to go to work or go to parties frequently.

  6. tazzie Avatar

    (warning: really horrible pun ahead) You and Roulette would be a good gamble!! hehehe couldn’t stop myself

  7. m Avatar

    Getting a dog was the best decision I ever made in my life. Ever. And I’ve lived a long time.

    You won’t regret it.

  8. Dennis Avatar

    Boston Terriers are fine, but I would be leary of the three-year-old retired show girl. That’s a bit young for the lazy ass to quit working, isn’t it?


    – Dennis

  9. yoyo Avatar

    Oh god yes! DOG! DOG! Dogs are great. They give valuable companionship and entertainment and company but dont complain if you eat too many crisps or leave your dirty clothes on the floor. ๐Ÿ˜€
    However do think about what you’d do with a dog whilst you were at work. Would he stay at home? Or be looked after by neighbours or friends? Or perhaps you’d put him in the kitchen at work where he’d get fat as butter because some cooks have a soft spot a mile wide for begging dogs ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Sharon Avatar

    Great idea, but do your double shifts interfere with being able to take care of her?

  11. Andy Avatar

    At least it’s not a cat.

  12. Jennifer Avatar

    It was clearly meant to be. Wishing you and Roulette many many happy romps on the beach together!!!

  13. JustMe Avatar

    Dogs are wonderful pets, but they require alot more care than other animals. My family had a dog when I was growing up and my parents didn’t worry about there being someone to let it out to relieve itself because us kids came home from school by like 3-4pm. After we finished school and moved out, my parents who left for work around 6am and normally don’t get home until 6pm would find themselves racing to get home for the dog and never being able to stop at the store to pick up groceries or eat dinner out because the poor dog had been inside all day. They had a big fenced in yard and sometimes used to put the dog out for the day in good weather. She was a collie and liked to bark alot. We think someone fed her glass because they got annoyed with the contstant barking (people do this to sever the vocal cord of a dog so they can’t bark anymore and i wish a painful death on whoever did it if that was the case). When they would go away for trips, they would have to have rotations of people (myself included) making trips several times a day to their home to feed, water and let the dog out. It was a real inconveience.

    Anyway…. the bottom line is that dogs are ALOT of work. Having one is definitely rewarding; however, if you have a work schedule that is going to leave the dog couped up 10-12 hours at a time, its not fair to the animal and its not fair to impose on friends all the time either if you like to travel or have unexpected changes to your work schedule and can’t take care of the animal.

    Sorry to be a killjoy ๐Ÿ™ I think you would benefit from having a pet. Dogs are high maintenance for someone living alone and in an apartment though. I adopted a maine coon car for my mom after their collie passed on and she loves it. It is a large cat breed… this car is huge…. basically they act like almost more like dogs than cats. The cat follows her around the house constantly, plays fetch, sits on her lap when she is watching TV, etc. The best part is, it uses a litterbox and needs very little maintanence when they go away. You could also consider a guinea pig. they are very affectionate and intelligent small animals that love being around people and will squeak to you when they see you. I don’t know much about birds, but alot of people seem to like them too… And I agree with the above poster… adopt from a shelter. Save a life!

  14. Lauren Avatar

    Get a cat. When you go traveling, it’s easier to leave a cat with food and litter than leaving a dog in a kennel.

  15. RG Son Avatar
    RG Son

    Do you really want to go lugging to the beach with a dog? Do you really want to get off work, think about going to get a drink, only to realize that you have to take Roulette out to poop. I know RG Daughter is going to get a Boston, but are you sure you want one? And as others have said, do you want to worry about boarding the thing when you want to escape to Vegas for the weekend? I’ll still play with it if you get one though…

  16. Manuel Avatar

    Roulette? oh just give it a spin, it’s a gamble but I’m sure it would be fun…..I would love a dog…..landlord wont have it though….

  17. Canis latrans Avatar

    I agree with the lots of work part.
    Not to be a downer.
    I have a golden retriever who is trained to work in the hospital with me. I advise people on dog care all the time.
    Small dogs have small bladders so leaving a smaller dog in a crate (yes, that is the only way to keep you and your god and belongings safe) a full day of work for you is how many hours. Multiply that times a small bladder and that equals how likely a mess in the house is and how likely a bladder infection is.
    My general rule of thumb is no more than 5 hours in a crate between bathroom breaks for our two mini dachshunds.

    You need a good kennel or a really good friend to keep the dog when you want to leave on vacation.

    But, the rewards of pet guardianship are so many.
    If you do this remember: dogs live up to 20 years in the small breeds, so it is as much a commitment as a child. DO NOT skimp and by tasty nugget crap dog food. Look at what you spend on your food and then spend an equivalent on the dog. I spend 25 dollars every two weeks on my 3 dogs giving them one of the best foods I have found. Email me for food suggestions or talk to the owner/handler you get the dog from. Take an obedience class. This is the biggest, easiest way to ensure a happy doggy relationship. Train yourself and the dog to the same language so it can be a joy, not a task, job or embarrassment to take the dog anywhere, or to be kenneled with those good friends.
    Think it through long and hard.
    If you live close enough to go home during the day to let the little one out, it will work better. But could you really do that.

    Long time reader, first comment.
    Keep the faith.


  18. Augs Avatar

    I just got my 4th Golden Retriever. My previous 3 all have passed. 2 from cancer 1 from old age. All I can say is that dogs can be expensive. But you’ll never have a better companion.

  19. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Simple question is have you had a dog before and are you used to looking after one? If so, then you know what you’re letting yourself in for. If not, think twice.

  20. Angie Avatar

    Terriers need a great deal of exercises and are easily bored. Bored dog translates into torn up furniture, clothes and beloved personal objects. My cameraman owns three and they are good dogs, a little hyper, but friendly and very loyal.

  21. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    Wow. Mention a dog and get 20 comments. Note to self….

    My vote is with a cat. I love dogs and miss having one. But, the maintenance involved could be tough. Still, it’s your choice, RG.

  22. The Bum Avatar

    Boston Terriers are a great dog if you are away alot. We’ve had ours just over two years and he is fine at home alone for eight or ten hour stretches. Depending on how much living space you have, he may not even need to go out for exercise. They do not require a lot. And when it’s hot outside, the dog would rather just go out, do his business, and get back in the air conditioning. Beyond that, they are THE MOST AFFECTIONATE DOGS in the world. I had never had a dog before and it literally changed my life (for the better). Just that ten minutes of unmitigated joy at my return home from work is worth everything. Bugsy is sitting at my feet as I write this. Check out http://thesouthbeachbum.blogspot.com/2007/12/christmas-day-2007_83.html and then maybe http://thesouthbeachbum.blogspot.com/2007/11/i-smell-turkey.html. GET THE DOG!!!!

  23. Blew Avatar

    As the “soup nazi would say..”no dog for you”! I have three “show”dogs now and two others as well. I would never subject them to long boring days simply because I wanted a dog. A cat is more your speed for now.

  24. Lex Avatar

    I am partial to dogs. I ache from not having one these last 3 years. I can’t have one in my current apartment. I say take her!!