Orange Bowl Time!

Gotta love those ‘Hawks tonight.

RG Daughter and I will be there in fine style on the 50-yard line, thanks to my very cool GM who will despise his KU gift from us (and hopefully won’t care that I am wearing my ‘Hawks T-shirt to work today–under my suit jacket), and my generous pals at (did I not mention this would be an ongoing shameless promotion?).

We figure we have eleven hours to learn all the fight songs and come up with some kind of story about why we are such devoted fans after a one-day visit to Lawrence this past August. Hmm. Maybe we just stick with that story. It’s not a bad one.

Go ‘Hawks!






7 responses to “Orange Bowl Time!”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Sounds like a great day. Have fun with your Daughter!

  2. upset waitress Avatar

    You are soooo lucky. Lucy lucky lucky. Did I say you are lucky? Dam I wish I could be there. Jealous.

  3. Augs Avatar

    I’ll be watching. Since UT beat ASU I have been floating. Good Luck to KU

  4. spatchergal Avatar

    shucks… who NEEDS a reason…Rock Chalk Jayhawk! 🙂

  5. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Julie–We had a blast.

    UW–Next year, you ride with us.

    Augs–Um, we WON!

    spatchergirl–Rock Chalk Jayhawk, indeed! My throat is sore from cheering so much. What a great game.

  6. jalii Avatar

    Glad you and rg daughter had a good time!

  7. Junior Avatar

    I’m so jealous you got to be there.. What a great game, I had 10 friends at my house yelling their heads off all night.. Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it and got to go!