I’m Back with the Best of What I Can Get

Random Guest Compliments:

“I love the food here.”

“The scenery’s not bad either.”

“Yeah. I definitely come here for the scenery.”

Should I be offended that I am considered scenery? In my way, I am. In my way, I am not at all.

Work Friends:

“Hey, RG, you look incredible, baby, as always. What’s up?”

Thanks. I do not look incredible. You know that. You know I look beat to death after a sleepless night and a long day shift punctuated by a busy lunch. Have a great dinner shift. I am off and away as you come on. I miss you all, though. Quite a lot. Who would have thought?

New Friends:

“You are the perfect girl. Perfect. I wish I could make it happen. But I have so many issues to sort through. Oh and no more texts or calls this weekend, okay?” Okay. Too bad you are so nice. Too bad you have so many issues. Too great that I do not.

Better Friends:

“Let’s pack a picnic in a cooler, go to the boat parade, and drink the champagne I bought for the boy who never showed when I thought he would. Ha!”

Sounds good to me. One should always drink champagne and raise a toast to oneself. And to friendship found.

Boss friends:


No worries. I get it. Doesn’t mean I like it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive me insane. Yeah, no worries.

Other Work Friends:

“You are my angel. You are. Without you, what? What would I do?”

Without me it would have taken a lot longer to process a zillion gift certificate purchases on this crazy evening. But I appreciate the sentiment, regardless.

Blog readers:

My site has been down for three days. Clearly, a grinch got to it. I am still out here. I am still writing. Hang in here with me, because not everything is fixed, yet.

Some days of some weeks are better than others.

These were not them.



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6 responses to “I’m Back with the Best of What I Can Get”

  1. last one home Avatar

    with my power out last week from the storm, breaking up the ice on my “heated” [electric] driveway with a sledgehammer, the words “boat parade” never once occurred to me. I suppose everything is relative. Likewise, I don’t know your boss. I do know that I often don’t give enough praise, enough compliments…it just doesn’t occur to me. My job is to avoid and repair problems, and I am often pre-occupied with the mechanics of this overly-simplified mandate–I don’t know if it is the same with your guy, but if it is he probably spends so much time with his eyes on the enemies he doesn’t notice all of the friends. Hospitality isn’t really that hospitable from the inside. Anyway, I noticed your site was down and am delighted it is back up. try to stay warm during your “winter” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Yay, you’re back ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gus Avatar

    Happy to see you’re back up.

  4. Manuel Avatar

    I got a kiss from a customer the other day as she really enjoyed my service, she then went on to complain that a 10% service charge was far too much for any customer to be expected to pay……she left 5%!!!!

  5. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Last one home, Kim, and Gus–Thanks for the welcome back. May be rocky for a few more days, but hopefully I will be online more than off.

    Manuel–Reason No. 372 to NEVER let your guests kiss you! Upset Waitress, please, your response to this?

  6. upset waitress Avatar

    You are right again RG. I think Manuel deserved a reach-around from this old bat at least.

    Hey welcome back. It’s cold down here. ๐Ÿ™‚ I get to go to work wearing a sweater and pants! I still might wear my flip-flops though!