Dear Diary

Thank God 10th grade is finally over! I ate too much fast food (why are fries the best?), I know I drank too much (my fake ID is awesome!), and the boys I went out with–well I had a little too much of them, too.

Not that 10th grade wasn’t fun. It was SO fun. But my grades went way down because of all the partying; my older brother got really mad at me about everything, thinking I was flying blind; and as usual, my parents didn’t have a clue because they checked out of my life so long ago–you know, in 8th grade.

So here’s how I look back on this year in high school, one that really felt like it went by in three days:

–I still look 14 and that really sucks, because all my friends look so much older and never get carded. My teachers tell me I will appreciate this when I am older. Whatever.

–The 10th grade boys are hot, but they are also SO immature. They go out on their girlfriends all the time, acting like no one knows. Um, DUH! I got kind of close to one, but then decided I needed a more mature kind of guy. But oh my God was it fun just having fun, like I have NEVER had before 😉 ha ha.

–I kind of ditched some best friends from 9th grade, and I am trying to contact them so we can hang out again. But I also made a couple of new friends this year. One girl is so crazy and SO out there, but I like her anyway, and I will hang out with her some more, too. Plus, she lives right down the street, and my best friends live farther away.

–I got so behind on my writing. My teachers tell me I am pretty good at it and that I should write in this diary as often as possible to keep improving. Okay, okay! But come on, I was having fun. It was 10th grade, right? That’s what it’s supposed to be about!

I think I will never regret some of the crazy stuff I did in 10th grade, but I am still glad it’s over. I have all summer to chill and go to the beach and just hang out, maybe even meet up with some cooler people I haven’t met yet. I mean, don’t you always meet new people while you are on summer vacation at the beach? Yeah, well, even if I don’t it’s okay.

I learned everything I needed to learn from 10th grade. Everything. And now it’s done and I am kind of curious about what 11th grade will bring. Even though I know I sound really glad about 10th grade being done and all, some of those days will make me smile forever. I won’t ever forget them.

Until tomorrow, diary.






6 responses to “Dear Diary”

  1. Brother Avatar

    Mad? Me? Never!

  2. Julie Avatar

    10th grade was fun… even if I was a bit boring. I didn’t party until 11th grade, and I’d stay over at my friend’s house. (Mom thought it was a sleep over.)

  3. m Avatar

    It sounds like 10th grade was an adventure! I spent so much time being a ‘good girl’ that high school was anything but fun. It was a great relief to learn that life after school continues to offer many opportunities for adventures, some of them delightfully wicked. Forget being a good girl, instead have a good life!

    Fun post.

  4. Candi Avatar

    Sophmore year was just “eh” for me. Not nearly as memorable at my Junior year! All my life I’d gone to catholic school… My parents transferred me to public school for the first time in Junior year. HELLO BOYS! Junior year was a lot of fun!

  5. Kevin Avatar

    VERY clever post, RG!

  6. Don Avatar

    I think I am about to graduate….and now start college. I have learned everything I want to learn here. I hear that when your in college your poor, study too much, drink too much, dont sleep enough, and party all the time, doesnt sound any harder that what I am doing now. Its time to see what else there is….thanks RG, your posts inspire