The Best Days of Whose Life?

Remember hearing that phrase about the high school years, those whacky teen times? Or about college? Or about your 20s? Maybe even your 30s? Hell, hearing them about any time in your life when you figured that the “these-are-the-best-days-of-your-life” sentiment must apply to everyone else but you, because the so-called “best days” were actually an unending string of dark comedy acts, and you were the star as often as you were the punch line?

And who can forget that other great line: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”

And so fair readers, welcome to the very “best days” of the very best and worst times of my life. Put another way: “Awkward, thy name is RG.”

Put another, another way: Think dinner date when an out-of-town boy returns. Then think romantic expectations, nervous chatter, questions, and ultimately, wonder–about how the hell you have found yourself in such a ridiculous scenario that even involves an out-of-town boy.

It’s all new to me–so much like it was during the aforementioned best days of my life a thousand years ago. I don’t know the way to play by who-knows-whose rules, the way to play the game others have played far more than I have, the way to play it even remotely well and still keep my heart in one piece and my guilt and angst in check, all while my good friend “honor” knocks at the back door, demanding, “How you gonna keep me intact?”

And that was just the first two dinner dates.

Hey, Upset Waitress–about your thoughts on alone time. The worst of times for me, thus far, may actually have been some of the best. Thanks for the reminder as I tread delicately toward dinner date three.






6 responses to “The Best Days of Whose Life?”

  1. manuel Avatar

    …funny how they are always behind you….they are never right now…..sod it live for now and enjoy the moment……

  2. Julie Avatar

    RG, Glad to hear that you’re getting out. Dating is difficult after being married. The first few of mine were complete disasters — worse than any I can remember as an awkward teen. But, no matter how terrible they were, I always felt like it was better than going home and reading in bed or watching a movie on the couch — alone, of course.

    And, I could walk in to my little cottage and say to the air “Well, at least I never have to do that again.”

  3. Augs Avatar

    Yikes, this sounds like a bad start. Well, it can only get better (another of those lines you always hear) right?

  4. upset waitress Avatar

    Well RG an out-of-town boy doesn’t sound so bad. He has to go home eventually right? Might as well have fun with him while he’s in town. Take advantage, rip off his pants and get down to business. Nothing awkward about that. 🙂 Good luck on #3 .

  5. JustMe Avatar

    Hey RG,

    Yeah dating is so weird sometimes…especially after being in a long term relationship. I met a guy online and he tried to take me back to his place for a make-out session on the second date! When I protested this as moving a little too quickly, he informed me that “other girls had no problem with it” and that some of them even slept with him on the 2nd-4th date…. I found this unsettling and choose to leave ASAP! Later one of my male friends told me I was a prude… So since when did wanting to know a guy for more than a week before engaging in intimate acts with him become “prudish”??? Wow, maybe I’m old fashioned?

  6. Dennis Avatar

    Date number 3 and “honor” is still an issue? Hmmmm. Intact? Ha.

    Listen to UW and make it more like “ATTACKED!” That way there’ll be a date number 4…(Dennis tries to place a smiley face, but he’s as confused as an Amish family shopping at Best Buy).


    – Dennis