Florida Resident Perks

With a discounted annual pass in my wallet, a wad of cash from tips, and my first two full days off in a while, I decided to take myself to the “happiest place on earth.” You know, to be happy.

Mostly, I ate, because as those who know me know, I am a grazing fool on my days off. And it just so happened to be the second-to-last last weekend of Disney’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival. How good could food from Disney carryout stands really be? I am not a “foodie,” but I enjoyed every bite, every small plate, every sip of plum wine, champagne, and all else. It was surprisingly fresh, cooked pretty much to order on site, flavorful and as authentic as it gets, Disney-style.

Please, share a taste of the following tidbits:

From Chile, Shrimp con Pebre Salsa and Mango and Strawberry Fruit Salad with Cilantro.


From Japan, Spicey Tuna Roll, Takara Plum wine


From Argentina, Grilled Beef with Chimichurri Sauce


From Italy, Insalte Caprese


From Spain, Papas con Chirzo


Champagne, Moet and Chandon Nectar Imperial (at noon, a time of day I NEVER drink alcohol–which made it taste even better 😉


What I also ate and didn’t photograph, because I was so hungry that I ate it before I remembered to snap a picture:

From Australia, Grilled Lamb Chop with Caramelized Onions (really good); from Canada, Maple Glazed Salmon with Roasted Corn and Arugula (perfectly cooked, not at all over-done); from the Dominican Republic, Pastelon de Platanos Amarillos.

I also recruited some hosts for my restaurant:


And remembered why Disney World is the best place to remember what happy feels like:







15 responses to “Florida Resident Perks”

  1. Canadian Girl Avatar

    I’m glad you had a happy day, and I hope they occur more frequently. Cheers,

  2. Jaime Avatar

    oh how tasty & fun!! i love that they have more characters prowling around in EPCOT now – and that they aren’t the traditional ones!

  3. Kim Ayres Avatar

    That one on your left looks Hot – did you get her number by any chance?

  4. Julie Avatar

    That sounds like so much fun! Yum!

    The only time I was able to go to DisneyWorld, I was on a business trip. We had worked all day and had time for a ride and a little exploring before our dinner reservation. There were fireworks when we arrived — the time the park normally closed — and again at midnight because it was the New Year.

  5. savannah Avatar

    i might have to take a drive down there, sugar! 😉 been a long time since my last visit!

  6. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    Several years ago, I attended a conference in Disney World. Everytime you would call the front desk or anywhere in the hotel, some employee woud conclude the call with “Have a Magical Day!” There were times I hated the mouse.

    I have to say however that I truly enjoyed my time there. I was able exorcise demons placed there when I went as a child and was forced to go on Space Mountain by my older siblings. I thought I was going to die. When I went back as an adult, I giggled uncontrollably for the entire ride. So perhaps it truly is a magical place.

    So when we all come to visit, we can go to Disney World as your guests right?

  7. patita Avatar

    The book “The Artist’s Way” talks about the importance of taking yourself out for an afternoon or a day and doing something you really enjoy, something that you wouldn’t do otherwise. I didn’t necessarily go for some other ideas in the book, but that one stuck with me.

  8. jali Avatar

    Almost unbelievable. I JUST spoke to my daughter, Dalerie who lives near Disneyworld and explained that I want to go back – but without children. She understood that it’s my happy place.

    I love Disney. I think I’ll be going to Orlando sometime in the spring. Perhaps if you travel from your beach town at the same time we can hang out.

  9. Jack Avatar

    Stunning blog. And even though I have never been to Disneyland, I can see why it would make you feel happy.

  10. Candi Avatar

    Oooh! I was just in Disney World for my honeymoon three weeks ago! It was phenomenal! We ate in Le Cellier (Epcot – Canada). The food was fabulous! We too sampled what we could from the festival. The Champagne was the best! My favorite part, though, of our entire trip, was when we were granted a Disney “Wish” and selected to lead a parade throughout the Magic Kingdom! It was so awesome! I felt like a princess!

  11. joeinvegas Avatar

    I never pictured the house of the mouse as a place for fine food. Never been to the Florida one, just Anaheim, but, well, not there.

  12. Augs Avatar

    WOW!! outstanding post, and the food, hokie smokes! this was an excellent read. I look forward to reading more.

  13. Bob Avatar

    I don’t think we have seen a picture of you before, or I didn’t pay attention. Rest. Gal, you are hot. I am happily married, but you are still hot. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it since I was in the restraunt business also. Bob

  14. Amy Avatar

    Little tiny princesses in tennis shoes are the best kind. How adorable!

  15. Vanessa Avatar

    this little kids are so adorable, glad you guys had a lot of fun, i hope next time you go you take me with you.