Just Wondering

Why is it, on someone’s last night, you finally figure out how to work together, laugh together, and have the best night, ever? Why doesn’t that happen on, say, your 23rd night working together?

Good luck at your next place, beloved co-worker. I am dreading breaking in the new recruit.






5 responses to “Just Wondering”

  1. Ksue Avatar

    It’s a mystery. Just like when you move out of a neighborhood after living there NINE YEARS. You suddenly have neighbors coming out of the woodwork to visit your garage sale, saying, “The one thing I really regret is that we didn’t get to know you guys better. You’re such cool people and we LOVE you! We are REALLY going to miss you”


    Good luck on training the new one.

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    It’s because you no longer have to worry whether they’re going to piss you off on the 24th night together and so chill out a bit more

  3. maureen Avatar

    THis happens for the same reason your hair looks great the day your getting it cut !!!

  4. savannah Avatar

    for all of the above reasons and just because. . .

  5. Jaki Avatar

    It’s simple, because they are happy to be moving on and in a new direction with their life. It’s not ‘just another day’. I have made countless friends in the restaurant world, but they always fade as you move on to other places. It’s a sad truth. Sometimes, you can form a lasting friendship though, and those are the people I grateful for.