Saturday Night’s All Right

Shhh. I am almost afraid to say it, for fear it might go away. I am off tonight, off on a Saturday night. I know!

But, well, it’s my birthday and my GM is a nice guy, and I now have a Saturday to add to my usual Sunday and Monday off. My Wonderful Friend lands here in palm-tree land at noon. Weather permitting, we have the following agenda: lunch at the beach and maybe a drink of some sort ;), sleeping off the drink on the beach for a few hours, shopping the trendy shops of my South Florida area, showering and heading out to an independently owned eatery that may be all hype and nothing more.

But so what? I know the owner. Okay, I have met him…um, twice. Oh whatever. Dinner at the trendy-all-hype-place it is! Because I sure as hell don’t know anyone else any place else in this town where a restaurant owner might actually say, “Hey RG, happy birthday.”

Then, biggest surprise: my best-sister-like friend from Montana called me of the blue a couple of days ago and asked: “How spontaneous are you?” Turns out, she is in Baltimore until Monday, visiting family. She is flying me up tomorrow night for a birthday dinner before we both get back on planes the next day to head to our respective homes. I haven’t seen her in forever, and it’s all very last-minute, but…wow.

Meanwhile, a photo of the gifts I have received, thus far: The green package is from RG Daughter, and I am waiting until my Wonderful Friend gets here to open it. The candy and dried managos are what’s left of a bag of goodies from our maitre d’. We ate most of the M&Ms by 10 p.m. last night. The cake is one of a three-part food gift from a special friend who is a chef in his own right and who is buddies with the top restaurant chefs in his hometown. Cake, you ask? Yup, made gluten-free by a pastry chef pal of his, as was everything else that he personally made.

My friends, they are incredible.







17 responses to “Saturday Night’s All Right”

  1. kim Avatar

    Happy Birthday RG !! You are the queen of whirlwind trips girl … Have a great time with your friend !!

  2. Lex Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!! Your friends ARE the best!

  3. Suzy Avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW LIBRA!!! I wish my friends would do shit like that for me…

  4. Kim Ayres Avatar



    Although I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake with such a little slice taken out of it…

    Hope you have a great one!

  5. Bleachdrinker Avatar

    I am soooo confused. Just in the last week I have read references to:

    Wonderful Friend
    long-time close friend
    special friend.

    Third Base!

  6. Travis Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!! May all your dreams come true. I hope your meal isn’t all hype 🙂

  7. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Kim–Thanks (and whirlwind is great thanks to friends pitching in a ticket!)

    Lex–They are.

    Suzy–I am very lucky. And yes, we Libras rock in our well-balanced ways!

    Kim–It is a big cake!

    Bleach Drinker–Sorry for the confusion: best-sister-friend is from my childhood and lives in Montana, my Wonderful Friend lives in DC and is down here with me now (see her photo from my Nine Lives post), my long-time close friend is also in DC–a former neighbor whom I adore, and my special friend lives no where near me, but boy did he make my day and the next day with his cards and homebaked treats! Made this gal cry, she was so touched by it.

    Travis–Will let you know about the meal. Thanks!

  8. Tinker Avatar

    Have a fun birthday, be careful traveling.

  9. Natalie Avatar

    Yay!! Happy Birthday!! October is a great month for a birthday. Mine is in 16 more days. I’ve already opened my present from my husband. He had it and just couldn’t wait that long. =)

  10. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Tinker–As always, I appreciate your concern. Thank you!

    Natalie–Oh, I know you received one very special gift! Happy birthday in a few weeks!

  11. Julie Avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful trip to Baltimore. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with your best-sister-friend. And having your Wonderful Friend visit for a couple of days sounds fantastic. Quiet birthdays with those I’m closest is my favorite way to celebrate.

  12. savannah Avatar

    happy birthday, sugar! safe travels, good meals and tons of fun for you!

  13. mags86 Avatar

    A BIG happy b-day to you!!! May you have the BEST birthday, and may this year bring you peace, happiness, contentment and wonder……all the best to you (you deserve it!)……..mags86

  14. Chris Avatar

    I don’t know you but what’s the chances there is any cake left?

  15. Katie Avatar

    Have a wonderful birthday!

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  17. SailorZeo Avatar

    Wow, that cake looks yummy! I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant about 6 months ago, and baking is something I’m having to learn all over again. It’s wonderful you have such a great friend who takes your allergies in mind and creates something so special for you.