Georgia on My Mind

I am winging my way north to Atlanta tomorrow to visit Jali’s House (see my blogroll)! Okay, not her actual house, but I am visiting Jali in person, and hopefully her pal Lex, both of whom frequently comment on RG. Honestly, I feel like I am going to get together with girlfriends I already know, and I am absolutely looking forward to it.

Then it’s a few days with family, and back to Florida for a double on Tuesday. Will write as I can, certainly by Wednesday. And you never know, I might just send some postcards of me and the girls before then. 😉






4 responses to “Georgia on My Mind”

  1. lla Avatar

    I hope that the Atlanta trip is a wonderful one!

    (and selfishly, I hope Atlanta gets the “Kansas treatment” – I’d love to hear where you went, where you ate, and what you thought of it all!)

  2. joeinvegas Avatar

    Wait a minute – you just got there, and you’re off on vacation already?
    Well, have fun.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Thanks Kim!

    lla–No Kansas treatment this trip, just great southern home cooking with family.

    joeinvegas–I have Sunday and Monday off. This was a quick visit for my “weekend.” If you’ve read back through the past year, you will see I do this a lot, as last-minute cheap fares come up and $$ permits.