What’s in Your Car Trunk?

Here’s what’s always in mine:


So I can always go here:


Happy weekend everyone. More stories to come soon.






11 responses to “What’s in Your Car Trunk?”

  1. Katie Avatar

    That looks so nice and relaxing!

    I have golf clubs, rollerblades and a lawn chair I haven’t used in a couple of years along with my fishing clothes and some car stuff.

  2. JT Avatar

    Are you sure you want to put that chair rigt in the middle of tire tracks? Honk! Honk! ha ha ha

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Katie–You are ready for everything!

    JT–The beach cleaning machine had made its pass a couple of times. Then it was gone.

  4. Natalie Avatar

    Well, my trunk is quite boring in comparison. There’s not much in it except when it’s filled with groceries or shopping bags from other supply runs.

  5. Julie Avatar

    My trunk has a couple of chairs. It’s about time to pull them out and put the winter emergency stuff in — blankets, etc.

  6. Kim Ayres Avatar

    In th back of our car is always a blanket – so we can sit on it if we’re having a picnic, or wrap up in it if it’s cold and the car breaks down – an empty ice cream tub for filling with wild berries if we see them – and a plastic bag – because you always need a plastic bag when you don’t have one.

  7. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Natalie–Wow, you keep a clean trunk! I always have to stash grocery bags in between my beach chairs and whatever else has managed to collect in there.

    Julie–Ah, the winter emergency stuff. Mine is all back in D.C.

    Kim–I like the sound of what’s in your car’s trunk, especially the blanket for a last-minute picnic and the ice cream tub for picking wild berries.

  8. manuel Avatar

    Nice, but couldn’t get all that on the back of my bicycle…..

  9. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    The only thing I keep in my trunk is the desiccated carcasses of prior servers who decided they could no longer work Sundays because they had found Jesus.

  10. voodoo76 Avatar

    RG, this is way off topic, but I was listening to the ipod on the way to work today and a Pearl Jam song came on & I instantly thought of you for some reason. Anyway, it’s “Wish List” and I think you can relate to it right now. Download and give it a shot. If you hate it, I’dd send you .99. Promise!

    Be well.

  11. K Avatar

    Beautiful! I find the beach makes me feel so incredibly good. It’s the place i go to to forget about my worries. The ocean is calming and so wonderful… and with a glass of wine – heavenly