Best Way to Beat the Blues

Having hit an unexpected low, I am putting the following plan into motion tomorrow:

Get up early enough to have good light to snap a few photos on my walk/run. I promise to share.

Go to the beach. Stay there, with a thick book (“I Am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe) and plenty of bottled water in my bag, and camp under an umbrella or in the ocean, until I have to go home to get ready for work at 3 p.m. Yes, I will remember the sunscreen.

Go to work. Enjoy work, because I usually do.

Enjoy tackling my new responsibilities at work. Try not to panic about tackling these new responsibilities.

Enjoy thinking about this: I am actually busy the next few of my “weekends.”

–I head to Atlanta next Sunday after three doubles next week. (Jali, even if it is just us two girls, I cannot wait to meet you. But I hope others will stick around for brunch.)

–I head to D.C. the following Sunday and Monday, just to hug all the people I love, including Mr. Restaurant Gal.

–My Wonderful Friend comes to South Florida to help this Gal celebrate a birthday the first weekend in October.

–RG Son and RG Daughter head to my beach town the last week in October.

I feel better already.






7 responses to “Best Way to Beat the Blues”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Isn’t it funny how the busiest weekends are usually the most relaxing?

  2. Julie Avatar

    RG — Time on the beach sounds heavenly. I miss it so (although “my” old beach was usually chilly and required a jacket more often than not). You have some great weekends coming up — fantastic things to look forward to.

  3. Joe Avatar

    So, I know it is completely none of my or our business but I have read several references to Mr. RG lately… Any news on that front?

  4. Jenni Avatar

    That sounds like a wonderful plan!!! enjoy those hugs RG, they do have healing power!!! I’m smiling just knowing you’ve got such a good plan in the works! =)

  5. Gypsy Avatar

    I’ll be interested to see how you like the book. I hated it. Read it all, but hated it.

    Enjoy the beach!! And visiting with friends and family. 🙂

  6. Deanna Avatar

    Yay Atlanta! Hope you have a great time here. Drop me an email if you need restaurant tips!

  7. Katie Avatar

    Sounds like things are going a little better. It always helps to have fun stuff on the horizon.