More Postcards!

Kansas, the state that goes on forever. People told me driving through Florida would feel like the state never ends. Clearly, they have never driven through Kansas. And yet, RG Daughter and I fell in love with most of the state, especially Lawrence. We wandered the town, hiked up the hill to the KU campus, bought Jayhawk T-shirts, and ate in the student center. We picked up a football schedule and plan to include the school in any and all brackets come March.

“Call your GM, tell him you have a job in the conference center here,” laughed RG Daughter.

“Sure, and you go register for classes and ask your school to transfer your records,” I answered.

“Okay, grad school,” she agreed.

“I’ll visit all the time, just to eat in all the restaurants!” I said.

We took RG readers’ advice and ate at Freestate, although the Mad Greek looked good, too. Scenes from Lawrence:


law street.jpg



Then it was on to our first stop: The Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas. I had written about this place in my former life as a travel writer, but had never actually been there. It was, in its way, interesting. The owner has a massive collective of Oz memorabilia, an interest sparked by a college paper. We ate at the taco spot next door. Everyone was friendly and wanted to talk–so much so, we were there for far longer than we expected to be!






Next up, later today, postcards from Abilene.







4 responses to “More Postcards!”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Great set of postcards! A US roadtrip is on my list of things to do one day.

  2. Kate Avatar

    I’m someone who stumbled across this blog from a link from another and have very much enjoyed your writing and tales. Originally from Kansas City and have spent many good meals in Lawrence…if you get the chance to pass through again DO stop at the Mad Greek. It’s fabulous. 🙂

  3. Tinker Avatar

    Is there a designated Toto’s Fire Hydrant? Seeing all the other Toto’s places, just brought it to mind…

  4. zelda Avatar

    i grew up not far from wamego and spent many a weekend in lawrence. i have a souvenir glass from freestate, although they don’t know i have it. lawrence is a great town and i miss it.