Road Trip

Sure, we could ship her car. Of course, she could fly there.

Instead, RG Daughter and I have decided a mother-daughter bonding experience via a road trip is in order. Thus, tomorrow we embark on a three-day overland haul to Colorado. First stop, Ohio to see RG Son. Second stop, somewhere in Kansas (we’ll know it when we see it–or when we can’t drive another mile). Third stop, college.

We will eat sparingly on the road during the day in order to enjoy the best each town has to offer when we get there in the evening. We will report back on our experiences and share a few photos along the way.

If anyone out there has a few suggestions for great places to eat in Kansas, by the way, please share!

Meanwhile, last-minute days off granted by GM–check. Full tank of gas–check. Plenty of candy for snacks (and breakfast and lunch)–check.

I do love a road trip. Postcards to follow soon.






24 responses to “Road Trip”

  1. briliantdonkey Avatar

    have a phenomenal trip!

  2. Tinker Avatar

    It’s dark. We’re wearing sunglasses. We have half a pack of cigarrettes, and a full tank of gas.

    We’re on a mssion from GOD!

  3. Julie Avatar

    Sounds good. Safe travels to you both. I hope the trip is wonderful and uneventful.

    At least you won’t get snowed in like we did on the way from San Diego to Chicago. I had to stop in Santa Fe — the next day we made it to Albuquerque before the roads were too bad. Three days later, they were clear enough to leave.

    When you go through Illinois, wave to the north and say hi.

  4. Lorraine Avatar

    RG, my suggestion for Kansas is my house, but another place that is good is Marchel Ranch Restarant in Dodge City on Wyatt Earp Blvd, but don’t forget to have a sarsaparilla at Dodge City’s Boot Hill. If you only make it to Wichita, try Red Beans and Rice a nice little cajun place on 21 Street. Have a great time, Lorraine

  5. erin Avatar

    If you happen to drive through Lawrence, KS I totally recommend Free State Brewery. It was my favorite place to eat when I was at KU (I graduated in ’06 and visit all the time but miss living there!). Really, any local restaurant on Mass. St. is great.

  6. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I’ve always loved the idea of the road trip. Unfortunately, nowhere in the UK is anywhere more than one day’s drive from anywhere else. And getting over to Europe requires passports, ferry or flights or eurotunnel, driving on the other side of the road, and speaking different languages, making it an entirely different kind of adventure.

    Hope you have a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paul Avatar

    Don’t know how you’re going through KS, but I went through Ft. Scott (on US-69, near Missouri, about half way down the state). They rebuilt the pre-Civil War fort that’s downtown, and there’s some pretty cool little shops and restaurants (but they do close kinda early, so don’t show up at 8 and expect to find much!).

  8. kat Avatar is KEY for this kind of trip, check it out!

  9. Junior Avatar

    Oklahoma Joes in KC for the best BBQ in the state.. google it to find it..

    Someone mentioned Free State in Lawrence, great choice along with Tellers for a lil more of an upgrade..

    I’ll think of more..

  10. manuel Avatar

    Awh I wanna go! Have fun n all that…

  11. PhilosopherP Avatar

    I’m not so sure about Kansas (some good stuff downtown in the Plaza) — but, another route would take you to Omaha and Lincoln on I-80. Indian food at the Oven in Lincoln is really the best Indian food in the world… In Omaha, the Old Market’s M’s Pub is wonderful!

  12. Allison Avatar

    Hi RG-
    I am only a little older than your daughter, and have been reading your website for a long, long time. Your wisdom, sensitivity, and vulnerability has given me a lot of insight on my own mother, and it has deepend my understanding of her. I have been pulling for you through all these changes. I’m from Lawrence, Kansas, which is in Northeastern Kansas. It’s right on I-70. There are several wonderful restaurants, because it’s a college town. If you like Chineese, there’s a hole-in-the-wall place that doesn’t look like much, but has fabulous food. It’s called The Royal Peking. There’s a good Mexican place called El Mezcal. It’s an easy town to get around in, and if you feel the urge, there’s a wonderful downtown area that I’ve never seen the likes of anywhere else. There’s a beautiful hotel that’s rebuilt after being burned to the ground, along with most of Lawrence, during pro-slavery raids on Kansas just before the Civil War, and it’s right downtown. It’s called The Eldridge. Then, there are some wonderful bread stores and bakeries for breakfast just a block west from the hotel. I love my hometown, and if you decide to stay there, I’m sure you will, too. By the way, Kansas gets pretty boring the farther west you go. I’ve lived in different parts of Knasas, and travelled all over, and haven’t been impressed. Happy Trails!

  13. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    I am amazed at all the restaurant recommendations. Thank you! We will ponder the map and figure out what’s close enough to try. Feel free to keep ’em coming.

    And thank you for all the road trip wishes. Feels like a caravan is going with us. So fun. And Tinker–thanks for the memory of a GREAT line.

  14. kim Avatar

    yayyy !! road trip! with pics even! im sure it will be a great time for both of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Natalie Avatar

    Woohoo for the road trip!! Have a blast.

  16. Jessi Avatar

    Stop somewhere for barbeque, it’s so much better in kansas than anywhere else. Big Bubbas bbq in Olathe is fantastic, but pretty much anywhere you stop in the midwest (that’s not a chain) is going to be good.

  17. Amanda Avatar

    Wow, who knew there were so many RG fans from Lawrence? I third the rec for Free State–they have awesome pumpkin cheesecake. But a warning for the rest of Kansas, depending on which route you’re taking: if you’re on 70, there is pretty much NOTHING west of Hays. If you go through Hays early in the day, you’ll be fine. But if it’s late and you think “We’ll just push on a little farther before we stop for the night,” you might be in trouble! It’s not much, but it kind of counts as civilization. Also, don’t bother stopping for the world’s largest groundhog or whatever, way out in the boonies of western KS…it’s cement! Total ripoff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Jenni Avatar

    OOOH that sounds like fun!!

    happy trails to you and yours! =)

  19. mikepete Avatar

    I can vouch for M’s Pub in Omaha!! I worked there for years! Jeeze..I worked in A LOT of the Old Market restaurants over the years!!
    Road trips are a blast!

  20. Katie Avatar

    Have a wonderful time!

  21. Amy Avatar

    I live in Lawrence, KS and like the above commenter would highly recommend the Free State Brewery on Mass St (on I-70, exit 202, left at the light. Cross the bridge, left on 6th St, right on Massachusetts St, it’s on your left in the 1st block). If you’re looking for something very different, a great place (ironically a few blocks down Mass St…between 8th and 9th I believe…on your right) is the Mad Greek. If you like Greek, it’s amazing. Truly amazing.

    Happy driving!!

  22. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Okay, Lawrence wins for this evening! Thanks for all the Free State tips.

    And the Bistro in Cinci was incredible for dinner last evening.

  23. Aaron DeLay Avatar

    Boss, if you’re still able to see comments, shoot me an email if your in Denver!

  24. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    Sorry, all that’s going through my head is Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”. Used to always sing that loudly and badly when on a road trip. Good Fun!