Another ‘First’ Day

Today’s top moments, in absolutely no order:

* I opened and managed the lunch shift on my own today for the first time.

* Everyone was fed lunch, no one complained, and I didn’t screw up too much, except I forgot to turn off the music between shifts. Oh, and one Micros report stumped me (shocking!), but I’ll get it next time.

* I didn’t have to call my GM about anything during the lunch shift, except about one thing unrelated to the lunch shift.

* The chef who never speaks to me surprised me and made me a fresh order of fries after the lunch shift. They were the ambrosia of my day, since I had no time for food other than these fries, all day.

* A couple of severs actually joked around with me, one calling me a “troublemaker.” It made sense at the time, although I can’t remember how it came up; and it also made me laugh.

* I screwed up one important task during the night shift, which I don’t get at all, because I thought I had it completely covered. I am willing myself not to wake up at 4 a.m. about this.

* I gave blister first-aid advice to a seasoned server.

* I didn’t care, and really don’t care, that a server seemingly young enough to be my kid constantly answers, “Thank you, sweetie,” to anything I say to him.

* I remembered guests names and used them frequently throughout the night shift, even to the older guest who said, “You sounded so sweet on the phone earlier today,” and then didn’t finish that thought. Hmmm.

* My feet hurt after a 12-and-a-half-hour double, my brain is mush, and I am too wound up to go to sleep. I am comforted by this. Because I am pretty sure I did a pretty good job today. And I loved every minute of it.






10 responses to “Another ‘First’ Day”

  1. last one home Avatar

    12 1/2 hours? stop bitching about a half day!! It sounds like you are settling in to your new environment nicely–they’re lucky to have you–don’t worry about your feet, eventually they go numb, then you notice your shoes are squishy on the inside. I hear the winters are a terror down there–use the time to get acclimated.

  2. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Sounds like you’re finally beginning to settle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. manuel Avatar

    Friday must be like 12 and a half hour double day around the world….

    Makes for a slower Saturday morning…

  4. Kevin Avatar

    Great report. So glad to hear it. Except for the feet thing ;-\\

  5. Julie Avatar

    Yippy! Sounds like you’re doing well at work and that this was a great day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Last One Home–I know, why didn’t I just make it 13 hours and call it a REAL day!

    Kim–It felt like it on Friday, anyway.

    Manuel–Double day, indeed. And it starts again in 4 hours for me.

    Kevin and Julie–Thanks!

  7. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    RG, so glad you seem to be finding your groove. Really, no one totally fits in there, it’s such a cornucopia of people. And getting the BOH guys to like you….priceless! Get to know them and they will have your back. I always hated the ole’ BOH versus FOH mentality.

  8. jali Avatar

    The best part of doing a good job is feeling great about it. Congrats…um…sweetie.

  9. Jenni Avatar

    YAY for you, RG!

    yay for this…
    “Because I am pretty sure I did a pretty good job today. And I loved every minute of it.”

    especially the loving every minute of it part! ๐Ÿ˜‰