Noted With Incredulity

A guest swatted me on my behind with a menu tonight.

I had shown the party of five to their table and handed out menus. One gentleman laughed and said, “Hey sweetheart, I want to order from the lunch menu, instead!”

This wasn’t a particularly funny or witty comment, but he intended it as such, so I smiled, nevertheless, and said, “You can order from the lunch menu–you just have to wait until tomorrow lunch.”

At which point he laughed and gave me a swift swat on my backside with his dinner menu.

Yes, really.






16 responses to “Noted With Incredulity”

  1. briliantdonkey Avatar

    I haven’t been by in a while, but will be seeing the rest of this story on the news?


  2. taotechuck Avatar

    RG, you are in a completely different world. So much so that it’s hard to believe you’re still in the same country.

  3. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Brilliant Donkey–Very strange that you commented last evening. I checked out YOUR site for the first time in months. Welcome back! Story at 11…..

    Chuck–No, I think, actually, these folks would behave this way in D.C., were they to dine out up there. But, given it is here, where the men seem to be overtly flirtateous in a way I never saw up north, I wonder what my reaction would have been at my old restaurant. Here, I pretty much shrugged it off. What the hell else ya gonna do, ya know, pal? 😉

  4. jali Avatar

    I generally give a pass if the offender doesn’t realize he’s being offensive – I imagine someone being hurt that I took their act out of context: their intention- frindliness- my perception: icky. I base it on their age and the general culture of the area. I’m not traumatized easily.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    You could always hit him over the head with a… um… bottle! Yeah! Because you’re funny, too!!!! ;-D

  6. Cootera Avatar

    Oh boy… Toto, I don’t think we’re in DC anymore!

  7. Blind Mind Avatar

    Bienvenido a Miami! Home of slimy guys, whorish money grubbing girls, overinflated egos, and a complete lack of respect for others! At least we have some good restaurants here though… Welcome to the show.

  8. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Jali–I think this guy just didn’t have manners, class, or a sense of humor that I might share. Beyond that, he was swell! Maybe that goes with the territory down here.

    Jennifer–You are SO right! I CAN be funny, too, and I will be next time….

    Jedi Jaz–One does wonder.

    Cootera–Um, no. Not even close to close.

    Blind Mind–Welcome! Have you been lurking or just find me? Thanks for the the honest assessment of our population. Love the restaurants, and so far, even the show.

  9. manuel Avatar

    If that had happened to me(very unlikely, men don’t tend to slap other men’s asses well in some places maybe but even at that my gargantuan ass is safe from a slap) it would have been a case of “thank you and goodnight” take your ass slapping hand and get out. But as I say it wouldn’t happen to me…

    Am I rambling? I feel like I’m rambling…Ignore me and carry on…

  10. Jenni Avatar

    I thought your comment that he could order from the lunch menu … tomorrow… was pretty clever! It’s hard to have a funny comeback for the backside swat when it comes outta nowwhere like that…. just think… next time you’ll be sooo ready!


  11. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Manuel–You would never say that, because it would happen so fast, and suprise you so much, you would be back at the podium before it sunk in what had happened. The, you’d laugh with a manager about it, even as you shook your head.

    Jenni–Thank you for thinking I came up with a good comeback! I kind of thought so, too. And yes, next time, soooooooo ready.

  12. Blind Mind Avatar

    Found you via SotP. I try to keep my lurking to a minimum…

  13. joeinvegas Avatar

    I think people on vacation somehow feel that they must ‘have a good time’ and show off for everybody, it happens way too often here in Vegas as well. As an employee you’ve got to take the ‘gentle’ stuff, or suffer a complaint to the management.
    Sorry if us guys are idiots. In our heads we are brilliant.

  14. Tinker Avatar

    Do they still demonstrate the Vulcan Death Grip to women that need to correct behaviour? I suggest about three feet lower down than Spock used it, and approximately on the center line. Yes, THERE. Guaranteed they’ll STILL respect you in the morning!