When the Fog Begins to Lift

When you get a good night’s sleep–and by this I mean a no-waking-up-at-four-in-the-morning-for-two-hours-of-worrying sleep–your over-loaded, short-circuiting brain begins to calm down, and you realize the following at the end of the two-shift day after a good night’s sleep:

* You know more than you thought you did as you worked to accomplish semi-familiar tasks during the daytime shift.

* You still have much to learn to even begin to match up to the current daytime manager.

* You really like the daytime manager.

* You are still a quick study, but the fog has prevented you from proving that.

* You have taken longer than you thought to get it at work, but you are cutting yourself some slack, given ‘extenuating circumstances.’

* You miss the outlet that writing to a former email friend once provided, but with the fog beginning to lift, you can accept that and move on.

* You cherish the several other email friends who continue to prop you up with sound advice and heartfelt words of support.

* You continue to marvel at those ‘strangers’ who read your blog and seem to really care as they say they do in their comments.

* You deeply miss the people nearest and dearest to you, even when you thought you were a week or more past missing them like that. You miss them in no particular order. You miss them all just as much.

* You really are afraid of tropical storms and hurricanes, even if the first real one is a week out and probably won’t become part of your reality. (It will veer away from my new locale, right?)

* You are ready to accomplish work tasks that you are a week behind on, starting tomorrow. You made a commitment, and now you feel the energy beginning to return, as the fog begins to lift, that allows you to keep it.

* You can deal with your landlord, because today he called you first.

* You still cry a little on this night, the day after the good night’s sleep when the fog began to lift, but you know the tears will stop and that you will sleep well once again. Maybe even tonight.






15 responses to “When the Fog Begins to Lift”

  1. Katie Avatar

    A good nights sleep can change the perspective on so many things.

    I hope the tropical storms stay away, I am supposed to be traveling next week, and they may hit the vacation spot.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Ah. Sleep. I always feel better when I’m rested. I hope that an uninterrupted night’s sleep becomes the norm rather than the exception. Wishing you many more nights of pleasant dreams.

  3. maureen Avatar

    Ahh ‘To sleep per chance to dream’ I find that if I picture exactly what I want my life to be it’s easier getting there

  4. Jeff Avatar

    I seem to have blinked and missed something? When and why did you relocate? What happened to Mr. Restaurant Gal?

  5. Tinker Avatar

    The storm is supposed to cross the gulf and hit us here in Texas. We don’t worry about such things. They rarely have a great long term effect.

    For you: http://xkcd.com/40/

    And yes, I am a practicing Geek.

  6. María José Avatar
    María José

    hi RG. This is only my 2nd comment ever, but i read, and enjoy, every single word you write. I think is impressive how you decided to change your life. And i think you are gonna be just fine.

    Anyways, i wanted to tell you about storms and hurricanes (spell?)..where i live, we are always worrying about them, too. But, if you do all you have to do to protect your house and car, nothing should happen …this is in case the storm actually hits your city. Usually, it a false alarm (sadly, they seem to go to Cuba all the time…)

    i hope all this helps. And i hope you get many more nights of sleep. They really help.

  7. Restaurant Gal Avatar
    Restaurant Gal

    Katie, Jessica and Maureen–Restful nights and wonderful dreams all around!

    Jeff–Read back through the past few months’ archives, from the end of April. That should get you up to date. Welcome back.

    Tinker–I hope that storm doesn’t hit any land anywhere!

    Maria Jose–Thank you for taking the time to comment! I love welcoming new voices to this section. Luckily, my apartment has impact resistant windows. I hope they are never put to the test, however. Good luck to us both getting through “the season” unscathed.

  8. Tinker Avatar

    100 % chance of rain, flash flood watch, looks like we are going to get SOMETHING. But it has been like this all summer long, rain and more rain. At least with a high of 91, its a bit cooler.

  9. old RG Avatar
    old RG

    Dear RG- I’ve been in the r. biz for over 30 years & support you completly. I’ve been working in an office for the last 1 1/2. Although I love the people the pay sucks. I’m also seperating from my not so DH so I feel for you. It is sososososos hard. Hang in ther RG I check your blog every day-you’re great!

  10. Kevin Avatar

    Tropical storms and hurricanes: Not To Worry. All will be well. We’ve been transplanted to the Texas Gulf Coast from Michigan for 33 years. We were too stupid to be afraid of them 33 years ago. But now that we’ve been through dozens and survived, we’re a bit blase about them. Just realize that you need to stock up on water, canned food, candles and good reading material, and prepare for the power to be out and the streets to be flooded. You might not be able to get to work if one really hits. Oh well.

    We are currently experiencing TS Erin. Our eldest daughter’s name is Erin, and her 25th birthday is tomorrow. Those Leo’s. Always causing problems.

    Signing off now, as I’d better shut this ‘puter down before Erin’s thunder and lightning shuts IT down!

  11. Jenni Avatar

    here’s to deep and healing sleep… lifting fog, and hurricanes that don’t even come close to you! =)

    and… maybe most importantly???? here’s to cutting yourself some slack due to extenuating circumstances =)

  12. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Ah, sleep, restful, fog-clearing sleep. So good for you. I remember when I had one of those. Back in ’94 I think it was…

  13. jali Avatar

    When the fog begins to lift…

    …you realize just how much you are loved, r.g!

    (jali chanting: rain, rain go away….)

  14. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Tinker–You really are getting hit with rain today. I am so sorry!

    Old RG–Hang in there, and thanks.

    Kevin–Yikes. I don’t think I can be blase. Must go to the store now 🙂

    Jenni–Slack cut and actually, I feel more comfortable at work every minute.

    Kim–I haven’t slept well since I had kids. Sleeping through the night means 5 hours straight!

    Jali–I am SO happy to hear from you. I saw your comment and went right to your “house” to welcome you home. Thanks for stopping by my place again!

  15. Lisa Avatar

    I could really use some of that sleep right now, and especially some of the fog lifting. Happy you’re finding your way one night at a time!