Just a Game

“Jesus, these glasses are always everywhere! Whose are they, anyway?” asked one of the managers working the door.

“You know those are mine! For reading, remember?” I said, with just a hint of a smile, because I was 90 percent sure he was kidding.

“Don’t you ever wear them? They’re always laying around right in my way! You must never read a damn thing.”

Good, he was kidding.

Which I took as a challenge, of sorts. When the manager stepped away from the podium, and as the host looked on in semi-surprise, I hung my orange-pink framed glasses over the front of the Open Table screen.

“Well, he’s the one who started it!” I told her. She giggled. Okay, good on two counts. A manager who kids around and a host who will laugh with me.

The manager laughed aloud when he returned to the podium. Even better.

Tonight, we had round two. He hid them in a drawer before I got to work. I put them on a countertop by the kitchen, where he was working on this night.

He stashed them in a plant. I asked my very serious GM (I know, he’s great and nice and all that, but he is VERY serious on the floor) if he would mind if I returned the volley by hiding them where he might see them, too.

“Put them in his water bottle,” he said. And he told me where that was. Cool. I got him good with that.

He balanced them on a light sconce. I placed them carefully on a polishing rag in his midst. He put them on top of a framed award by the front door, looking as if they were staring at me. That was my favorite. I placed them in front of the Micros printer. He tucked them under the podium keyboard, which took me forever to find. I conceded a win to him for that one.

The host and I then cooked up big plans for tomorrow’s hiding places.

It’s nothing, really. Just a game. But I felt almost lighthearted, laughing while we played.






10 responses to “Just a Game”

  1. mikepete Avatar

    It felt like ”belonging”…

  2. cazza Avatar

    YAY! It sounds as if you are finding your feet and making your mark.

  3. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Oh boy do we need times like that

  4. Julie Avatar

    Those times are fun. My old roommates had a frog (big, heavy lawn decoration) they’d hide throughout the house. Someone hid it in the oven, and I almost baked the darn thing. But it would always add a little laughter to the day.

  5. question girl Avatar

    they LIKE you *said in a sing-song voice*

  6. Travis Avatar

    Looks like my hug yesterday did the trick 🙂

  7. kim Avatar

    it really is the little things that make our days 🙂 glad it was a good day for you

  8. Katie Avatar

    Those games are the most fun to play.

  9. Lisa Avatar

    A ray of light in an otherwise dark time. So fun!

  10. Kevin Avatar

    SO glad to read this post. I’ve been feeling your pain.