Three Weeks…Or Is It a Month…or More?

They are tired of me.

Tired of hearing about my plight on my own.

Tired of hearing about my plight with landlords and bugs and other landlords who couldn’t care less.

“Will you join us at the Oceanside Bar?”

No, because you are tired of my story. You say you aren’t, but I can see it in your forced smile, you’re done with me.

“What would you order here? What’s great?”

I can tell you, and then talk to you, but you will soon tire of me, as well.

“Are you a local? From here?”

Not in a million years. Or a lifetime.

These are very tough times. As my readers, I am sure you are tired of reading about them. Don’t worry, I am made more tired writing about them. Living them. I didn’t know from tired until now.






24 responses to “Three Weeks…Or Is It a Month…or More?”

  1. catherine Avatar

    You are SO in need of a big hug. I think I missed something that caused you to move out to california, But I for one am not tired of your stories. If you want to email me for a shoulder to cry on, or someone to vent to about your problems, feel free, you have my email.

  2. Katie Avatar

    It’s life. Sometimes it’s not always beautiful. Sometimes it’s full of yuck. When it’s full of yuck pour a big glass of wine, light some candles and relax.

  3. Natalie Avatar

    I can’t say that I understand everything that got you to where you are now. But it makes me sad that you are out there all by your lonesome. I hope you have someone nearby that can give you a good hug.

  4. Sean Avatar

    I’m not tired of hearing from you at all. in a place where you haven’t made many friends yet, I like to think that we – your readers – are something of a surrogate for you. anyone that doesn’t like what you have to say.. well, they don’t HAVE to load your webpage and read, now do they?

  5. Alex Avatar

    Gal, stay strong. You will come out on the other side. Talk to your children and I’m happy to chat if you feel it might help.

  6. Sonja Avatar

    All the best to you, gal!
    Being in rough times myself I can relate to how you feel.

    Thinking of you.
    Rest assured that I don’t tire so easily

  7. Julie Avatar

    RG, I’m certainly not tired of hearing about your move. It reminds me of one of my many moves. And when you have to deal with things by yourself, it’s difficult. In the end, you’ll have a place that’s yours. Electricity will work in every room. You’ll be able to take a hot shower or a long, hot bubble bath. Andc when you need to just veg out, you’ll be able to curl up and watch some Lifetime movie.

    In the meantime, have a wonderful time with RG Daughter. Both of you need lots of hugs — and you both know just how to make the other feel a little better.

  8. k Avatar

    Enjoyed all of your posts very much; you are a great mother so always remember that.

  9. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Would that all who offer such nice comments lived downstairs (sorry, it’s the apartment that floods), or next door (oops, that’s the one with no AC), or down the street–down any street nearby–where I hope I might live if I can get out of this lease!

  10. Jennifer Avatar

    Seems to me you’ve got all the ammo in the world necessary to break a lease.

    Meantime, if you can’t vent here, where the heck CAN you vent!!! Darlin’, we are here to listen/read; we wouldn’t be here otherwise.

    It WILL get better. It really really will. 🙂

  11. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    I come every day to check in on you. When there isn’t a new post, I will certainly get concerned (as has already occurred), so don’t worry about us. We are all here for you. We are all pretty good listeners and also not afraid to stick our necks out for you. This little community here on the “Interwebs” may separate us by miles, but we may very well treading water in the apartment that floods, or sweltering in the apartment with no A/C – wait that was me last week!

    I am reminded of a story that was told on “The West Wing.” Apologies if you haven’t seen it, but the story is applicable. Josh (the deputy White House Chief of Staff) is suffering from problems relating to an assassination attempt earlier, where he was injured. Leo (the White House Chief of Staff) orders Josh to therapy after Josh erupts at the President. At the end of the episode, Leo finds Josh and tells him the parable.

    “A man falls into a hole that he can’t get out of. He looks up and sees a priest walking by. “Hey, Father, down here. I can’t get out of this hole, can you help me?” The priest responds, “I will pray for you my son” and walks on.

    “The man next sees a doctor. “Hey, doc, down here, can you help me?” The doctor writes a prescription and throws it into the hole and walks on.

    “Finally the man sees a friend. “Hey, Charlie, I’m in this hole, can you help me?” Charlie looks into the hole and jumps down next to his friend. The man is stunned and says, “What did you do that for? Now we’re both stuck.” Charlie replies, “Yes, but I’ve been here before and I know the way out.”

    We’re all here to help you find the way out. Best, Brave Astronaut

  12. maureen Avatar

    I am certainly not tired of reading anything you write . The honesty & skill with whicth you write with makes any content worth reading. I truly hope your life heads toward an upswing soon but in the meantime reading your blog still adds enjoyment to my life
    Thank You !!

  13. Jenn Avatar

    Hang in there. We’re not tired of you. We don’t read to always be amused or entertained. Anyway…a journal is supposed to be a place where you can vent. I’m hoping for the best for you. Just give it a little time. Take one thing at a time. Deep breaths and a glass of wine help too. -J

  14. Jessie Avatar

    Oh RG…you’re having a run of really tough days…these days will make you appreciate the good ones even more though…and there will be many more good ones ahead…Transitions take time. Keep your head up. Have a good cry. Then whip out the wine and maybe some cheese and olives…find a great book…or magazine (I recommend OBJEKT or WALLPAPER)…and enjoy the fact that you already did the most difficult part. The rest will fall right into place…it takes time and you have to allow it. Heart, Jessie

  15. Travis Avatar

    Cheer up!!! Living in a new place is hard, you need to stop reading so much into the folks that you work with or meet, you may be seeing things that aren’t really there. Bottom line, who cares if they are tired of hearing about your plight, either they will like you or they won’t that shouldn’t change you or the way you talk about things. Virtual HUG from a guy that loves your blog!!!! Travis

  16. Lorraine Avatar

    RG, I just wanted to remind you that you are an inspiration to many of us out here. The steps you’ve taken are certainly tough ones, but as Jessie said, you’ve already done the most difficult part. So start boiling water on the stove for your well deserved bubble bath, and break out a bottle, oh heck make it two bottles of wine and relax for a bit. This too shall pass. But for now … ((Hugs)) to you. Just remember, it could be worse, you could be landlocked like me in 102 degree weather. lol Much Love, L

  17. Restaurant Gal Avatar

    Brave Astronaut–Great story. Thanks.

    Question GIrl, Travis, and Lorraine–Hugs always appreciated. Back attacha.

    Jennifer–I am considering doing the DC thing–hiring an attorney to help me break the lease.

    Maureen and Jen–Thank you for hanging in there with me. Better writing to come soon, I hope!

    Jesse–Counting the minutes and seconds for those better times. Thanks for the reading suggestions.

    Everyone–Seriously, I have ordered up the moving vans for all of you.

  18. Molly Bloom Avatar
    Molly Bloom

    here’s a hug from me, RG! wish u the best of luck!

  19. m Avatar

    You know what, RG? Your stories give me strength. Knowing that someone had the courage to make a change and claim herself back again tells me that I can too. I am grateful more than you know that you have shared both the ups and downs.

  20. Laurie Avatar

    Hello there:

    I actually liked your post about the frustrations of dealing with the cable company …landlord etc. I’ll email the horror story of the plumber and landlord to you later … maybe it will give you a chance to smile (in an evil way). Your exile reminds me of how writers and painters go out into the wilderness (on purpose) to be alone and make themselves think and write. This new location of yours might be a blessing in many ways. And I say there are no wrong ways for you to write in this blog, so do what you want. Well, I’ll say more in the email. Hang in there kid – it hurts sometimes when we’re in the midst of blossoming.



  21. Dani Avatar

    Anyone who has walked in your shoes understands. You’ve had a lot of life changing events in a short period of time, and talking is part of the recovery process. We’re all happy to listen. 🙂

  22. Kim Ayres Avatar

    You write what you want to write. Never feel censored by worrying about your readership, because then you stop being you, which is the very thing that attracts us to your writings.

    What you really need is a hug from my daughter – she’s an expert at it. Somehow she caresses your soul when she hugs you.

    One of us is going to have to win the lottery…

  23. Jedi Jaz Avatar

    Annnd… officially i’m in the same boat. Will keep coming back for the kindred spirit at this point. It’s been a rough week for me, but you got through it, so I can too. Thanks for whining, laughing, and encouraging out in the open.