Goodbye El Guapo

One of the best bloggers out there announced he is done. That’s it. No more posts. Just like that.

I have no idea what happened, but I am more than a little sad about it.

When times were good and not so good, I could always check in with El Guapo in D.C. to see how his crazy life was faring. His stories made me smile, even laugh aloud. Sometimes his stories made my heart ache, in their poignancy.

I am often asked to link to other sites. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. I am often asked why I link to the sites I do. Simply put: I link to good writers who share great stories. Some are serious, some are hilarious. Some of my linked bloggers post infrequently. That’s okay. It’s the writing that counts.

El Guapo may have stopped writing for his blog, but I do hope he continues to write. He is a rare talent, and I urge any of my readers who have not visited his site, to do so while you can. Peruse the archives, read it from the beginning. Read only a few posts. How ever much or little you read, you will be very glad you did.

El Guapo, best of luck to you. Take care of your friend Miguel, hug your wonderful mom, and most of all, keep writing.

Best, and mucho amor to you, my friend,

The Gal






3 responses to “Goodbye El Guapo”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I will miss that mustache. I am almost tempted to reshave my beard in tribute.


  2. maureen Avatar

    I can’t believe he’s truly leaving us . It was though your site that I found him in the first place & I’m so sorry to see him go

  3. m Avatar

    Like your writing, RG, El Guapo’s ability to lay bare his soul silences life’s daily noise and allows something true to ring through. I will miss him, and wish him well.