Thank You Note

My GM single handedly helped me move to my new apartment, because he knew I didn’t know a soul who could help me. He even rented a van to more efficiently haul my stuff, and it still took three trips. He said he had a credit with the rental company due to a previous clerical error, which was supposed to make me feel less guilty about the van rental.

I have no idea how to appropriately thank him, because he works 1,000 hours a week, and he is, after all, my boss. No movie passes (he has no time), no wine (he knows wine, and I only know wine that is sale priced at $10 or less per bottle), no… actually, I wouldn’t even know what else not to give him.

While my personal life remains unsettled, my work life is evolving into the job I always wanted in D.C., thanks to my GM. Everything he told me I would be doing, I am doing. No maybe later, no we’ll see. Just what it should be.

Some days, I wish this restaurant were in D.C., so I could have the best of both worlds. Then I remember, it’s all about my new world, which is very, very far from D.C.

For now, I will simply email my GM and thank him for hoisting a bureau, a desk, and multiple other pieces of bulky furniture up several flights of stairs, and then arranging it all just so, even when I couldn’t make up my mind where everything should go. I will thank him, too, for telling a thinly veiled white lie about the van, and for keeping his word about everything else.

Then, I will have a word with the phone company about my lack of DSL again, the cable company for not showing, and my landlord about the lack of electricity in half the place and no hot water. Yes, work is definitely the bright spot.






17 responses to “Thank You Note”

  1. Kim Ayres Avatar

    What are your baking skills like? Homemade cookies, or homemade chocolate truffles might do the trick – doesn’t cost a fortune, but shows thought, time and consideration.

  2. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    There’s always candy . . . There are times I think I could pay my chiropractor in Twizzlers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your GM sounds great and that in some arenas, things are getting better. You are starting to sound like your old self again.

  3. restaurant Gal Avatar

    Kim–Um, I used to bake. But I don’t even keep the necessary ingredients around because of the pesky gluten allergy. Besides, I have no hot water to clean up the mess!

    Brave Astronaut–Yes, but I don’t think this is a candy kind of place. Never seen anyone eat any. As for things getting better, I continue to be blind sided by the unexpected, which makes me realize how raw my emotions still are. It just doesn’t take much to send me into a bit of a spiral. Yesterday was a good day, though.

  4. Katie Avatar

    Sometimes a thank you is all it takes. But I always feel guilty that I don’t do more. But most people are grateful when their help is acknowledged.

    Glad the job is going well.

  5. question girl Avatar

    he wouldn’t have done it if you weren’t a good employee… he knows you appreciate it…

    my ex all but singlehandedly moved me amost 400 miles himself – AND a week after he left me here, he called me today to check on me…

    he knows you apprecate it, so just keep being a good employee

  6. kim Avatar

    In this quick electronic world , I think that taking the time to pick a cute little card and a hand written note of thanks is the way to really say thank you.
    Everyone has a weakness for coffee these days , maybe some exotic blend of beans ?
    And I am a plant giver too! It costs next to nothing to decorate a cute cheap terra cotta pot and put a couple tiny plants in it … am i starting to sound like Martha ? ew lol …. sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since working is a big part of your life , I’m glad you’re happy there and its getting better !

    PS: that was really sweet of him to help like that!

  7. RG's Wonderful Friend Avatar
    RG’s Wonderful Friend

    RG – these annoying little setbacks will get resolved and be a distant memory. I promise, you will laugh about all this craziness soon. its the big stuff – like the job! – that counts. You’re doing great, and it will only get better!

  8. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    All the faith in the world, RG, all the faith. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Gal's Daughter Avatar
    Gal’s Daughter

    its 3am and i still cant sleep thanks to actually sleeping in a bed and not on the ground for the 2nd night in 4 weeks….. but i think your “wonderful friend” makes a great point and things will obviously get better for both of us when i come to visit this weekend. hang in there until then!!!

  10. restaurant Gal Avatar

    Electricity and hot water still out, I may have to miss work while I wait for my stupid landlord’s idiot repair people to maybe show up, no DSL despite assurances from the phone company it would be on yesterday, and no cable for days–and even then, I give it 50/50 odds that I may not see that happen at the end of the week. Best news ever–RG Daughter lands in my new town in 5 days and counting!!! Not that I can’t wait, or anything.

  11. maureen Avatar

    Wow a world where people still help out because it’s the right thing to do !!! To hell with DC I want to move where you are

  12. Julie Avatar

    What a wonderful GM! It’s nice to know that there are still some “good guys” around.

    Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up — with or without hot water, some electricity, DSL and cable.

    My heat and hot water would go out all the time in Brooklyn — usually for 2-3 days. Boil some water on the stove and take a bubble bath. It’s amazing what a few really hot pots of water do to a tub of cool water. And, while it takes extra time to prepare and take a bath, try to make it into a treat.

    Everything else won’t matter because your Daughter will be there. Mother-daughter time is a treat — I’m sure it will be just what you both need.

  13. Jason Avatar

    I’d second the suggestion on a hand written note instead of email. Pick up a nice sheet of stationery and envelope, use a good pen and just tell him what you’ve told us.

    Taking that extra time really drives home how much you appreciate what they did. Notes like that are usually kept and treasured a lot longer than physical gifts.

  14. Binx Avatar

    RG. I’m following along at a distance. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll turn around and see how far you’ve come. You are doing great things — large and small. Keep up the good work, we are all pulling for you out here in the ether!

  15. heather white Avatar

    i’m amazed at your gm. there are still nice people in the world. hang in there, gal.

  16. Molly Bloom Avatar
    Molly Bloom

    things are gonna get better, RG! i hope your daughter enjoys your new town. Cheerio!

  17. JanD Avatar

    Wow, if I knew who your GM is, I’d send him a nice note myself for going above and totally beyond to help a person. That is definitely a place I would want to patronize.

    Hang in there, you are just working out the kinks now. All will come together.