My Life in Stuff I Have Packed

Sand dollars I collected as a child on Orcas Island, plus a few more that my best sister-like friend from Montana gave me. These have always seemed magical to me, in their grainy roundness with the perfectly etched designs on top. I have moved them with me, unbroken as of yet, since I was 8 years old.

Cows Ice Cream mugs I bought in Whistler, Canada, when I took Restaurant Gal Son mountain biking over several summers when he was between grades in middle and high school.

Other mugs from both kids’ colleges, and the green plaid ones my Wonderful Friend and I bought several of at the same time on the “reduced” shelf at Starbucks so we could drink coffee “together” no matter where we were. RG Daughter has one, too.

Five unopened bags of gluten-free flour combinations with which I hope to make cookies and cakes, someday.

Scrap book stickers and letters and all else needed to construct the ultimate gift to my best sister-like friend from Montana. I might finally have enough down time, alone, to do this.

A plastic bin filled with every diary and journal I have ever kept, starting in 6th grade, when I lamented that my boyfriend of the moment had not called in a week. The journals I kept in college shall remain sealed forever 🙂

Photos of my babies as babies, as youngsters, as awkward pre-teens, and many more photos of them as the beautiful and handsome young adults they are now.

Photos my grandmother placed in an envelope labeled “For RG”–representing so many generations of ancestors I never knew, but feel as if I did, thanks to her stories.

Glassware and silver given to me by my great aunt, who was 4′ 10″ tall when she died at age 103, and who was the toughest woman with the best sense of humor I ever knew.

Two cookbooks from my childhood, including the ultimate “Barbie” cookbook.

The last gift my biological father gave me a mere two years after I found him, just before he died of lung cancer.

Too many pairs of new shoes in my effort to look stylish in my new job, where open-toe styles are welcome.

My jewelry, including my wedding band that is safely tucked away, and my engagement ring that I now wear every day after months of ignoring it in my jewelry box.






8 responses to “My Life in Stuff I Have Packed”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Those are all treasures! I have a love/hate relationship with packing. I love looking at all the things I’ve collected, but I hate that sometimes it takes packing to actually hold them in my hand and remember.

    Congratulations to you for taking this time for yourself. I’m sure it’s been difficult, but I’m also sure that it’s necessary.

    All I wish for you is happiness. I know you’ll find it again.

  2. Alex Avatar

    All the very best to you.

  3. Katie Avatar

    You have some wonderful memories.

    The Ultimate Barbie Cookbook sounds like a hoot. Please post a photo or a recipe from it.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Positive memories can be the best support we have in times of change. Enjoy remembering all the good things you have, have done, and places you have been while looking forwrd to all the wonderful memories you’ll create on your new adventure.

  5. Ex-Restaurant Manager Avatar

    Hey RG, another great post. The best always seem to have something I can relate to. Having moved as much as I have, the memories of packing are not among my most cherished. But, unpacking is almost always fun, especially if it’s boxes that have been in storage for 2 years.

    Guess the contents of those college journals won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon, hmmm?

  6. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I think you should start another blog revealing the contents of the college journals – for posterity, or course…

  7. patita Avatar

    I’ve just experienced this, the weird reverie of packing things dear. May you find your fortune at the other end, when you unpack and get settled in your new place!

  8. JT Avatar

    I made a similar move a year ago, but it was a move back to my hometown. Still, packing and deciding what to keep after a separation is bittersweet.