My Walk in Pictures

The local newspaper had a photo contest this week–an invitational to capture the first day of summer in our city. I could only enter one photo, and it was hard to choose between the dozens I snapped.

Here’s the best of what I saw on June 21 as I walked to work, and later, when I poked my head into the kitchen at one of my former restaurants (thanks to Chef and the GM for allowing that).

So, which of these shots do you think I entered? I narrowed it down to two, by the way.

I had fun with this. I think I will use art on my site more often.

And now, enjoy a day in my life from my point of view.


bus stop 1.JPG













26 responses to “My Walk in Pictures”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Great photos! I really like the first two. The window washing is the essence of spring cleaning, ready for summer. But, the fruit stand really shows summer. We all love the great taste of summer fruits. I would vote for the fruit stand. And a vote for more pics!

  2. Bill Avatar

    My favorite is #7. I think the caption should be, “You think I wanna wear black socks with shorts, fool? Talk to the hand!”

    I also think #2 was staged. Nine people standing aroung and not a cell phone to be seen? Is this close to the new Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Times Square?

  3. Kim Ayres Avatar

    Stunning photos. Is this the 1st time you’ve posted any on this site? They’re all great, but I think the first 2 really do it for me

  4. restaurant Gal Avatar

    Jan–I like the window washing, too–that great pink color! As for the fruit stand shot, you’re right, that fruit looked incredibly fresh.

    Bill–The woman on the far left is using a BlackBerry-like device, which sort of counts, and I am positive the woman on the far right is reaching into her purse for her cell!

    Kim–Thanks. Well, I posted the photo of me and graduation boy, but I didn’t take that picture! Then there was the awesome “Podium in Pictures” (as depicted by Barbie) post last July, but I didn’t have the best camera in the world. Oh, and the photos of hand signals people use to “tell” you how many are in their party–can’t remember when those were posted way back when. So yes, these are my first attempts at “photography” that I have posted. But no, this isn’t the first time I’ve put photos on my site.

  5. Jaime Avatar

    Your commute to work is way more interesting than mine is!

    I love the fruit stand one.

  6. Fat Lazy Guy Avatar

    Great photos!

    My personal favourites are the one with the fruit, and the father and son. Something about fruit just says Summer to me. And the colours are nice and vibrant. And the father and son photo is heart-warming, I guess 🙂 Oh, and I do like the photo of the crossing guard as well, though I don’t think it says summer. She looks like she’d be a character 🙂

  7. Barb Avatar

    I’m inclining toward the window washer, personally.

    But the one I really want to comment on is the last one. I haven’t seen anyone dealing them off the arm like that in years. Two plates, sure, maybe three. But not plates from hand to shoulder. It’s somehow comforting to know that skill isn’t as dead as I thought it was.

  8. krisinluck Avatar

    Um, I forgot all the others when I saw that guy in the last picture with the plates balanced like that. On his shoulder! Dude!

    I bow to a master. That’s amazing. I couldn’t carry plates that way to save my life. Wow.

    I’m with the window washer and the fruit, altho the one at the passport office caught my eye because of the kids sitting there playing slap the hand game and grinning. Made me smile.

  9. question girl Avatar

    i loved all of them…. kudos’s to the waiter (as previous commenters did too) and i too LOVED the crossing guard – especially w/ her blue tooth earpiece…. i don’t think i have ever seen a summer fruit stand look quite so formal – or gormet….. but there is something about the 2nd pic that is really interesting – how they are all individual yet doing the same thing (waiting for a bus?) and they are all standing @ the same distance apart except for the girl on the end engrossed in their own activity – its like when its so hot you don’t want a little kid to even give you a hug

  10. María José Avatar
    María José

    i love the first two. The 2nd looks like cd cover. But number 3 really says SUMMER, i love the guy in his formal work outfit picking oranges, and the city in the back. I also love the idea of the passport one, but im in love with the fruit one.

    About the plates, what can i say, some waiters are superheroes.

  11. L Avatar

    I love the photos. You are as good with the visual as the written story … a natural journalist. It would be very nice to see more of what you “see.”

  12. ashleas Avatar

    OOo.. The server in the last photo is CUTE!

  13. Jessi Avatar

    The guy with the plates balanced in his hand and either the people standing in front of the window in a line or the crossing guard. All of these are amazing though, you should make another section for posting photos.

  14. Claire Avatar

    photos 2 and 3 are my favorites… wonderful compositions and very citified!

  15. Kim Ayres Avatar

    I’d forgotten about the graduation one. I think the others must have been before I started reading regularly

  16. red Avatar

    I like the second one the best.

  17. Julie Avatar

    I really like the fruit stand. It always feels like summer’s finally here when the French Market and Farmer’s Market begin. I can’t decide which one is my second favorite — either #1 or #2. They’re all great, though.

  18. Ax Avatar

    My two favorites are the fruit stand and the waiter.

  19. H Avatar

    I love the fruit stand picture. The fruit looks so good.
    I think my second favourite is the father and son one, that’s lovely.

  20. J Avatar

    Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures! It also confirmed my suspicion that I’ve had for a while…we live in the same city (I won’t tell). I would recognize it anywhere! It is such a great walking town.

  21. Brave Astronaut Avatar

    Why am I not surprised that you are as good with a camera as with the “virtual” pen. As when you posted the graduation picture, you have stunned us with another outstanding 9,000 words!

  22. Phil Avatar

    I believe you entered either the waiter at the bottom or the fruit stand pic.

  23. Thija Avatar

    For me it’s definitely the window washer. The sunlight in contrast with the shadow for me is summer, a very promising summer morning in fact.

    Second would be the crossing guard since the figure just catches my eye 🙂 and because of the blazing sunlight.

  24. Woozie Avatar

    I guess you posted the picture of the street fruit stand…it is colorful and let’s face it summer is fruit!

    Coming to you from Texas

  25. Jedi Jaz Avatar

    Ohyah, I totally got grabbed by the waiter at the end. Wow. The expression’s cool too. 🙂 I’d say as far as summer, the window and the fruit. 😀 those are great. 🙂

  26. Tiana Avatar

    Nice post! It reminds of this over here –